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Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Guest Posts, Savings Advice | 0 comments

Savings Savvy Sista

If there is one thing you can call me, it is a Savings Savvy Sista! I love a good deal and all the bragging rights that can come with saving money. By following my savvy savings tips below, you can be the one bragging to your friends about all your great shopping steals and, most importantly, saving for the activities you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on this spring.


Have a go-to app A Savings Savvy Sista is always on the hunt for the latest deals; whether it is for a manicure, house cleaning, or new garage door. The first step of “the hunt” is to do your research, and I start first by browsing local deals in my Valpak mobile app and choosing two or three deals that pertain to what I need in a given week. 

Coupon power – The power is in the coupon, but it is also up to you to be extra savvy. Before heading to the store or shopping online, make sure to check expiration dates, look at days of the week or hours that the deal is available for, and if there are any other restrictions listed. The last thing you want to do is find out that a deal or coupon will not be honored when you have your heart set on a certain item or service.

Start a filing system When I receive my Valpak coupons in the mail for dry cleaning, haircuts and other services, I place them immediately in a plastic bag with my other printed coupons. I carry these coupons in my purse for safe-keeping and on-the-go purchases. Create a filing system that works best for you to stay organized. Before I leave the house, I like to place the deals I will use first at a certain store in the front of the bag so I can easily grab them while in the check-out line.  

Share the love online! When I visit a garage sale and find a hidden treasure, or use a 30% off coupon on a dress that is on the clearance rack at my favorite department store, I experience a “cheap” thrill. I feel exhilarated when I am being savvy with the money I spend, and I like sharing the love with my girlfriends so they, too, can feel the thrill of getting a great deal. I go right to Facebook and Twitter to share my recent successes (with photos of my haul, of course!) and gab away when I meet friends in person. Being a Savings Savvy Sista is fun and fulfilling…so get shopping!

Laura Dellutri is a recognized home and lifestyle expert that travels the country to share cleaning tips and advice for busy working families. She is the resident Life and Style Expert for “The Daily Buzz,” has appeared on national television shows such as ABC’s “The View” and CBS’s “The Early Show” and in notable magazines such as Real Simple, Redbook, Woman’s Day and Family Circle.

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