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Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in How To, In The News | 0 comments

Scammed? Here’s How to Avoid a Repeat

scam BTB

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice… it really might not be my fault.

If you’ve been a scam victim, you probably think it will never happen again: You’ve wised up; you’ve added computer security; you have removed your phone number from the Do Not Call Registry and put a freeze on your credit report. But you are still vulnerable – perhaps even more so than someone who has not been scammed before.

And while older people are still the most common victims, millennials are the fastest growing segment of scam victims. The most common cons they fall for?

  • Fake calls from “banks” asking for account information and PINs. 
  • Card cracking or card popping, in which you’re are friended on social media and talked into giving debit card information in exchange for bogus scholarships, “free” promotions and quick cash deals.
  • Scare calls from people posing as IRS agents and demanding upfront money. 
  • Sob stories asking you to part with your money. 

What many people of all ages don’t know is that con artists actually buy and sell personal information they glean from the initial scam. They actually call them “sucker lists.”  Some actually offer you “help” to repair the damage from the first scam.

Here’s how to avoid being revictimized – or conned in the first place.  

This article first appeared in USA Today.

Scam someone once and they feel plenty of shame, maybe so much that they hand over more money to the next round of con artists promising to help them get their money back.

Read the full article here.

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