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Posted by on Dec 28, 2017 in Guest Posts, Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

6 Stylish and Budget-friendly Ways to Make Your Home Office More Modern and Chic

Having a home office is a great way to be productive from home. Be it a place where you actually make a living or pursue passion projects, a work area should be comfortable. It should be productive. And above all, it should be inspiring. How else are you going to be motivated to work? If yours isn’t quite up to snuff, you may not have the work environment you need that fosters inspiration. A little boost can go a long way and we here at Modernize have some pointers how to update your office—with style.

Start with Organizing

This is step one and it should be a no-brainer. See those stray files littering your desk? How about those post-it notes framing your computer monitor? That’s unwanted clutter that’s getting in your way. Walking into an office that look like a hoarder’s den can be overwhelming and that’s not what you want when need to get to work. So clean out the clutter! Not only will you feel better, but also you’ll now be able to see how to bring flair to your office. Best of all, the Marie Kondo method is a modernist’s staple—and it’s completely free.

Get Functional

Since you’re cleaning out that clutter, you’re going to need a place to put anything that isn’t trash. Start with your desk and utilize it for any paperwork. If you need more storage (you will), you can do that by hanging some eye-catching rope shelves. These are relatively cheap and easy to make. Not only will they free up some space, but you can also stylize them. For example, if you have a color scheme going on, why not paint the shelves for an added pop of color?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Not all clutter is going to be paperwork. In fact a lot of it is going to be computer related: cords, routers, modems, etc. Truth be told, all those are going to be eyesores of their own. So how do you hide them efficiently? A clever way to do this is to mount a pegboard organizer behind your desk. Hang all the un-plesantries from it and now your office will feel cordless. If this project is too much for your taste, corral the unsightly cords into one bundle and gather with a twist tie, clothespin, or painter’s tape in your favorite color.

Add Inspiration

Now that your office is back to square one, it’s time to add some bells and whistles. Ever been in an office where people have put up their doctorates and degrees? There’s a reason for this (besides showing them off). Decorating your office with accomplishments can serve a great reminder of what you’re capable of. Seeing those things can get you in the zone for productivity—and it’s pretty impressive for anyone who walks in. Of course, different things inspire us all, so you don’t have to stop there. If there’s art that encourages you, a couple of your favorite pieces will help personalize the space as well.

Go Green

You don’t need a green thumb to appreciate the benefit of having a plant in the office. Research shows that having a plant around boosts productivity and improves air quality. Cool, huh? But that’s not all. Plants reduce stress and keep us calm, which makes for a much better work environment. Not to mention, they add some style and much needed life. Choose the best plant for your environment and taste (amount of sunlight, humidity, color, etc), and make sure to water accordingly.

Maximize Your Space

If you’ve added décor to the walls and still have some empty space you’d like to use, there’s a lot you can do. Need a place for pencils and pens? Mount some magnets and stick some vintage tins to them, and you’ll have some stylish holders for your pens, notes, crafting supplies—you name it! Need a place to put outgoing bills and mail? Hang an old shutter and use the slots to keep potential clutter out of the way. See what you have lying around the house and chances are you can repurpose in a creative way to boost your office’s style.

Improving your office really doesn’t take much, but will be well worth the effort. Your space will be a lot more functional and a bit more stylish. All it takes is some imagination, and with these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to making your home office the station you always intended it to be.

Peter Sawyer is a screenwriter and cinephile who enjoys DIY home and living hacks. Writing for Modernize gives him a platform to write about energy-efficient living in the home. He just wrote a produced a featurette about Halloween.