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Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in Guest Posts, Home & Garden | 1 comment

Small Space Gardens for the City Dweller

Being connected to nature is a must for many people, especially those who live in very urban environments. Concrete walls and asphalt streets don’t exactly have a calming effect that some lush greenery does. A great way to bring a little nature to your home is by adding plants, but sometimes a home’s exterior doesn’t lend itself to plant life. If you crave more plants but don’t think you your space is suited for them, think again. Small space gardening might just be the fix you need. Here’s how to get yours going.

Start with Stacking

There are different ways to do this, but basically, the result is a lot of plants in minimal space.  What you’re doing is maximizing vertical space and that means creating tiers for the plants to grow. You can buy planters designed for this or you can get creative. You know those over-the-door shoe racks with all the pockets? You can easily use each pocket for a different plant and create a plant wall. Or, if you’re in the mood for a more fun project, this unique stacking planter makes for a great conversation piece.

Create Space

If you’re extremely lean on space and want some home curb appeal, this may be the move for you.  Consider the parking strip. You know that strip of ground out front between the sidewalk and the road? Nine out of ten times, it’s ignored—but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some much-needed life to it.  Your neighbors will probably thank you, and it’ll give you the extra space have at least some garden. Just make sure the plants you put there are durable enough to deal with the public. A bed of flowers could easily be trampled, but a couple of Queen Victoria agave isn’t going to suffer that fate.

Use the Stairs

A lot of homes have stairs that lead up to the front door, and that’s a great place to put plants.  It will add a welcoming touch for visiting guests. Plus, stairs can generally hold a lot of weight, so you can place larger potted plants here if you want to make more of a statement. If you have a railing, you can do the opposite and hang smaller plants from that. There’s always room for creativity.

Let ‘em Hang

Still having a hard time deciding where to place plants? Consider hanging them. Hanging plants are fun! They get to be airborne instead of rooted into the ground, which gives them a unique aesthetic. This is also a great solution to dead space and from your interior to your exterior, there’s always a spot to hang them from. The staggered look or keeping them hung from at a uniform level can add different dynamics, and there are different styles to choose from, too. Glass globes will bring out a mystical look while hanging baskets offer something more traditional.

Extra Touches

There’s really no wrong way to add plants to your home as long as they’re getting the sunlight they need, but sometimes some simple suggestions will spark inspiration. Want to spruce up a table? Adding plants to a tabletop always makes for an interesting centerpiece. Have a garden, but are running low on space? A vertical garden tower will grow upward and won’t take away much of that prime real estate. Out of space, but have a usable rooftop? There are a lot of reasons to build a garden up there. Not only will you green your thumb (in a way that doesn’t clutter your living space), but a roof garden can reduce the heat absorption of the building below, which means lower energy consumption. Doesn’t get much greener than that!

There’s a lot to like about adding plants to your home, and even if you don’t think you have the space to bring some new ones in, there are always options out there. Hopefully, these tips have given you some fresh ideas of where to begin. Happy planting!

1 Comment

  1. I really enjoyed these tip on gardening in small spaces gave me some good ideas to try. Thanks

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