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Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

St. Patrick’s Day Family-Friendly Celebration

Don’t forget to plan something for the little ones at your St. Patrick’s Day party! This year I plan on combining one part preparation with two parts activity to keep the little ones as happy as the adults.

Pot of Gold Coin Toss

Have children prepare their own money bags, fill them with chocolate gold coins (or treat of your choosing) and use them to play a coin toss game similar to that of cornhole/bean bag toss.


Prepare several kids’ money bags/pouches by cutting material, creating holes, and setting aside desired amount of string. Use the following pattern for your convenience.


Tip: Place supply sets inside sandwich bags until ready for use. Skip this step if the children in attendance are old enough to complete all steps on their own

Optional: Prepare three (or more) money bags and fill with large dry beans for tossing (tie tightly).


  • First, you will need to decorate one wall with a large rainbow. There are several pre-made decals available at craft stores online, OR you can make one yourself.

  • Next, place a cauldron or tall decorated bowl at the bottom of one end of the rainbow.

  • Optional: Set the three pre-prepared, bean filled, money bags nearby or within the cauldron until the party.
  • Optional: Tape your desired throw line (or several levels) on the floor. Masking tape holds well on all floor types, even carpet!
  • Place supply bags on your children’s table OR…

  • If you have chosen to allow the children to complete all steps on their own: print and place several pattern sheets on the table, along with scissors, material, string, and chocolate coins.

Party Time:

Greet your little guests and invite them to a quick coin toss game. So long as they are pleased, continue to allow them to play for several minutes while you finish greeting your other guests.

Once everyone is settled, return to the kids and direct them to the children’s table. Quickly demonstrate how to make their own bags, provide them with supplies and stay nearby while everyone completes the task.

Tip: enlisting the help of an older child/teen will allow you to leave them to complete the activity without further assistance from you.

Once bags are assembled, provide the children with their chocolate coins. After all bags are tied tightly, return to the game location and have the children play another round. Increasing the distance from the pot will increase the difficulty; making the game more fun to those who already mastered the previous level earlier.

This entire process should provide you with at least 30-45 minutes of activity for the children. If you make the coin toss difficult enough the adults can join too!

Guest blogger Melissa King is a DealPro and founder of, a website dedicated to sharing the best deals, honest reviews, and advice with moms from around the country and Military bases overseas. 

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