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Posted by on Dec 29, 2014 in Seasonal & Events, Shopping | 2 comments

Subscription Boxes Save Money

IMAGE - grocery subscriptions 2It started with the milkman, continued with magazines, migrated to cable TV, and now it’s online. Subscription sales, from monthly “surprise” boxes to auto-shipped household essentials, are the ultimate stress reliever in today’s busy world. With the click of a mouse or a swipe of a screen, you can treat yourself to a small luxury, skip those unplanned trips to the store, and never run out of products you love. Online coupons can help you save additional money on subscription sales.

Subscription sales are also known as auto-ship and subscription boxes, and they have gained a big share of the online retail trade. Regularly used items like canned foods, snacks and toilet paper are shipped to you on a schedule. Or you can get ingredients for a week’s worth of meals, or try new products without hunting through the mall.

IMAGE- safeway delivery truck- subscriptionSave a Trip to the Store
If you find you’re always running out of paper towels or granola bars, grocers, drug stores and specialty retailers are lining up to fill the niche. Walmart, Amazon’s Subscribe and Save, Safeway, Costco and others have jumped into the fray. In some areas of the country, companies like PeaPod, Plated and NatureBox will automatically deliver recipes and ingredient for healthy meals every week. You’ll avoid trips to the drive-through and often save money. And you can find coupon codes for all of them to save money.

grazeHealthy Snacks Delivered
The pounds tend to creep up, especially when you’re surrounded by holiday season goodies. Resist temptation with healthy snack options from services like Healthy, calorie-smart boxes of snacks are shipped to your home or office weekly or every other week. Popcorn, nuts, dried fruits, dippers and raw bars ensure a balance of taste and nutrition. And it all fits neatly inside your mailbox. Take advantage of this new coupon code for Graze snack boxes.

Subscription Boxes Deliver Surprises
Large retail chains have embraced the practice of auto-shipping products based on someone’s shopping history, a survey, and demographic information. But it’s the smaller boutique e-retailers whose niche marketing is the real drive behind this trend.

Subscription box retailers have become so numerous that several directory sites have cropped up to help shoppers find products that best suit their needs. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories lead the list but this service includes everything from pet toys to air conditioning filters to toys.

IMAGE- Birchbox subscription makeupSubscription Boxes for Women
Leading the way in the subscription sales tide is women’s clothing and accessories. Companies separate their many boxed selections by manufacturer or designer. Just fill out a profile at the start of the service and you get selections every month based on your style. The selection that’s shipped to you is fine-tuned month by month. Birchbox and Beauty Box 5 offer a monthly makeup mix. Just Fabulous offers a shoe-of-the-month based on lifestyle and heel preference. You can add coupon or offer codes to many of these subscription packages.

Monthly Gift Boxes for Men
Concierge-style subscription boxes are perfect for guys who hate to shop, can’t find what they want, or are clueless as to what looks good on them. Five Four Club, for example, sends selected on-trend fashions to men each month. The Dollar Shave Club promises enough razor cartridges to keep a face smooth 365. Men can also find monthly deals on fishing gadgets, grooming supplies, wine and cigars. Free coupon codes will often save you on shipping and product discounts.

IMAGE- subscription treatsShop for Home
Every area of home life is also covered by the subscription sales industry. You can find wine, nuts, desserts and more at gift-of-the-month clubs like The Handy Box provides hand tools and gadgets to home DIY junkies, while Bouqs provides different fresh-cut flowers delivered straight from its South American farms. The categories are endless and shipping is usually free in both directions.

At a time when everyone is time-constrained and online shopping is becoming the norm, more companies have stepped in as personal assistants, chefs and stylists. It’s like having a team of personal shoppers who can do your errands, find you the perfect gift, or treat yourself.

Marie Hickman, Digital Content Writer at Valpak, focuses on what’s new in couponing, money-saving tips, entertaining and home improvement.


  1. Great article! I will definitely look into this further. If it can save me from the Sunday shopping trips, I am in.

  2. Great idea’s for saving time and money! Will check into some of these soon.

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