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Posted by on Jun 14, 2018 in Grocery | 0 comments

Summer Savings & Cookout Tips from Sam’s Club

It’s summertime and the livings easy, it’s even easier thanks to Sam’s! Are you hosting a bbq or cookout? Check out these tips and tricks to keep the stress level down, all while saving a ton thanks to Sam’s.

Keep the Guest List Small

Not just to save your wallet, but it’s also a good way to save your sanity. Experienced hosts say you should keep the guest list short if you want a hitch-free, relaxed get together, so cut it off at about ten guests. A manageable number of people means conversation can flow smoothly—and it guarantees that everyone will have a seat!

Go For Easy Recipes and Handhelds

For instance, a pulled rotisserie chicken breast served with a super yummy barbeque sauce and a few sweet rolls makes for a buffet-style main course in seconds. Don’t knock the old standby of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers either. Grab all three at Sam’s Club in large enough quantities to have extra. Add some personality to the party with a signature beverage, we’ve got a few ideas here. Don’t forget a drink dispenser to display it!  Don’t forget that Member’s Mark cheese platter!

Don’t Forget the Ambiance

If you’re taking your party outside, all you need is a little fairy light to make the evening truly magical. Grab string lights to give your decor subtle ambiance.

Grab everything you need to make your cookout a success with these Instant Savings from Sam’s Club!

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