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Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Tailgating, Festival Style

The party in the parking lot before a big concert or festival can be just as fun as the show itself; but with tickets, gas, food, drinks and new outfits it can get expensive.  Here’s how to host a tailgate party that gets you into the groove without breaking the bank.

Invest in the Right Equipment

The good news is you can use coupon codes for tailgating supplies like pop-up canopies, folding chairs, and other camping equipment basics. Weather resistance and warmth are really all you need for shelter. Now is also the time to pick up some Bluetooth speakers to get everyone fired up. Shop sales at stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon for good deals on speakers, accessories, and sunscreen.

Good Tunes, Good Eats

Cheap tailgating food doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. It means sharing costs, shopping grocery sales and preparing homemade staples. If you are cooking for a crowd, barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers on a portable or disposable grill (Target has one for $29.99) is easy and fun.  Have everyone chip in or provide an easy side dish such as mac and cheese, cole slaw and chips. Make sure someone brings ice to keep things cold.

Think simple and delicious. If you haven’t developed a signature dish, check out the many tailgating blogs and cookbooks. That way you’ll get a feel for how long the cooking process takes, when to turn meats on the coals, and how grandpa’s BBQ sauce tastes on those baby backs.

Safety First

Think of your vehicle as a restaurant on wheels and take a food safety tip from professional chefs: make sure hot food stays hot and cold food stays below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Parking lot veterans love these MVPs:

  • A good meat thermometerInternal meat temperature is important. Invest in a digital thermometer that tells you when your food is ready. This make it easier to follow the pregame show uninterrupted.
  • Two coolers – These can be inexpensive styrofoam types. Use one to hold raw meats and the other for cooling side dishes to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Two bags of ice – Set aside one just for drinks and one for keeping perishable food at a safe temperature.
  • Plastic serveware and drinkware – They’re more sanitary when you’re sharing all those tailgating treats, and they make disposal easy.
  • Plenty of trash bags – Not only should you leave no trace behind (especially if you’re cheering the visiting team), but leftover food can attract pests.

Planning ahead will make your concert tailgating experience go more smoothly and save you money. Start planning your menu and order needed supplies right now, and use coupon codes to save money on the essentials – soon you’ll be singing along to your favorite songs!


Alyssa is a Marketing Specialist at Valpak specializing in social media, who loves Harry Potter, writing about nerdy things, and her “fur-babies” Tank, Crash and Kai. Follow her on Twitter @Mlyssailes

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