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Posted by on May 13, 2013 in How To | 0 comments

The Best Coupon Organization Tips

Serious couponers know that keeping their coupons organized is an important part of saving money. Staying organized ensures that you can easily see which coupons you have so you never miss another deal. The best coupon organization system is a personal preference, but here are the more popular systems to help you decide which is best for you.

Clipping Coupons

Some couponers clip every single coupon, and some clip only those they know they will use. Others don’t clip anything until they are ready to shop. Clipping coupons as you make your list takes the least amount of time, but you may find an unadvertised deal at the store and not have the coupon with you. Clipping fewer coupons means less time and space in your coupon binder, but again, you may miss a great deal. If you do not want to clip every coupon, save the inserts because you can clip coupons from them as needed until they expire.


Organize coupon tips

Accordion File

An accordion file is an inexpensive way to organize coupons. They are easy to use, but one drawback is that they often do not have enough slots to let you organize by item. With only a limited number of spaces, you will have to organize using broad categories.


Serious couponers claim the best coupon organization system is a three-ring binder. You can use baseball card or money inserts to organize coupons by type or aisle and then by product. Place similar coupons in the same slot so you know exactly how many coupons you have for an item.

You can also add loose paper in the front of the binder to add a grocery list or check list to help you with your shopping. Some shoppers even keep a list of the price of items they buy regularly to compare prices while shopping.

Photo Book

A 4×6 photo book also makes a great coupon organizer because the coupons are easy to see. They hold several hundred pages, so you have plenty of room for coupons. They are less expensive than buying a binder and inserts, and they are easier to use than an accordion file. They also allow you to find the coupons you need quickly.

Keeping your coupons organized helps you maximize savings. Deciding on a storage and organization system is a personal choice, so pick the one that feels best for you. No matter which organization system you pick, keeping your coupons organized means you won’t miss an savings opportunity, even on unadvertised deals or clearances, because you will know exactly where the coupon is.


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