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Posted by on Apr 10, 2018 in Guest Posts, Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

The Pros and Cons of DIY Lawn Care For Homeowners

DIY Lawn care

Knowing what you can handle when it comes to deciding what kind of lawn you can easily maintain by yourself is an important aspect of purchasing a new home and being able to budget the lawn care needs included. Some new homeowners find peace and fulfillment by caring for their lawn while others don’t get the same satisfaction by doing it themselves. Keep in mind the following aspects of choosing the right home for you with the right amount of green-space.

Pros of DIY Lawn Care


Do It Your Way

Homeowners that decide to take care of their own lawn and landscapes have the freedom to add or take out aspects of their lawn easily. There is no need to communicate what you are envisioning with a lawn care service when you can get the job done yourself.

Caring for your lawn is also a good option for homeowners who have trouble giving control over to a lawn care service, haven’t found a professional they like yet, or are simply a prideful perfectionist!

Easy On The Budget

The average price for lawn mowing service can vary depending on your location, but in for example, the overall average price in Texas is $41.38. Paying for a lawn mowing service week after week can quickly get expensive. If you feel comfortable using and maintaining power tools, take a few of those dollars and spend them on getting some quality tools in order to do the job yourself.


Mowing a lawn can be quite the workout with the average American lawn size is between 6,000-9,000 square feet. Homeowners who choose to care for their lawn will directly benefit from those Saturday afternoon workouts. Even now with self-propelled mowers, homeowners will still get a workout with lifting the clippings bag or weed eating the edges of the lawn–not to mention the humid summer months making you sweat a little extra. And if you have kids, this is a great way to include them in on the normal upkeep that a lawn requires.

Cons of DIY Lawn Care



Proper lawn care takes time, just a little bit here and there will add up throughout your week. Many homeowners choose to hire a lawn care service because it’s one less thing they have to worry about. It also helps to ensure that the work will get done when it is scheduled every week and you’ll never stress about how the lawn looks when entertaining in your new home.

Specific care

Some grass types require more or less care than others. Understanding them is half the battle. One of the most common grass types in America is the Kentucky Blue Grass but many homeowners have other varieties with different needs. Depending on what grass type you might have, you might need to mow more frequently or be more punctual with seasonal lawn care. Creating another reoccurring project for you to do when it comes to your home’s exterior maintenance.

Tool Knowledge

Many new homeowners don’t have the tools needed to complete their own lawn care. Tools such as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers are all large purchases that can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to maintain. Hiring a lawn care service eliminates the need to know all about lawn care tools and allows homeowners to worry about one less thing when settling into a new home.

Whether you choose to take of your lawn yourself or call a professional, knowing the pros and cons of maintaining your lawn can be helpful in deciding what is best for you and your budget.