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Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Entertainment | 0 comments

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Jawas


Is your house infested with Jawas?
Don’t worry, we know the secret to getting rid of them!

Jawas are attracted to scrap and spare parts, so if you have leftover space junk, car or motorcycle components in your garage, you can lead them out, pied-piper style.

shop-vacOn the flip side, this is likely what attracted them to your house in the first place, so they may be reluctant to follow. For more difficult infestations, some of the smaller Jawas can be sucked up with a sturdy shop vac like this one from Home Depot, be sure to clean the filter afterwards.

roombaThe may leave a trail of sand in their wake. Setting up a robotic vacuum will likely entice them out of their hiding places and keep your floors clean. You can grab a Roomba at Best Buy for only a few Galactic credits.

And of course, they can always be bought off… they are tough negotiators though, so be prepared to haggle.

Once they are gone, use a standard fabric cleaner to get rid of the smell of dirty burlap.

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