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Posted by on Jun 1, 2017 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

The Summer It List

Ready to be more adventurous this summer? There is nothing stopping you (roar!). Try something new with our Summer It List:

Can It

Peak summer fruit deserves to be canned. There’s nothing quite like homemade preserves in the dead of winter when everything seems to be dead around you. Canning is also a super economical way to eat the fruits (and veggies!) you love year-round. Plus, you’ll look like a gifting boss come holiday season.

To get started, find out what fruits are in season where you live. A simple Google search of “what’s in season [your state]” should do the trick. Next, buy the chosen fruits and resist the urge to eat them. Better yet, buy enough so you can eat some now, too. I’m getting hungry just writing this.

Canning, like baking, is an exact science. Make sure you have the right tools, know the basics and have a recipe before you get started. Amazon has an entire section devoted to canning supplies, including all-in-one canning kits.

Dye It

Make summer even groovier with tie-dye! No, tie-dye is not just for Dead Heads. And it’s not limited to T-shirts either. You can literally tie-dye any cotton clothing or home decor: onesies (great baby shower gift), socks, curtains, napkins, pillowcases, you name it.

The caveat? Tie-dye is unforgivingly messy. Protect your skin, your clothes and your surroundings or eliminate the threat of ruining your furniture entirely by tie-dying outside. Just throw a tarp or tape some garbage bags down in your workspace. Yes, tie-dye will dye your grass!

If you’re a tie-dye virgin or it’s been a while, buy a kit. Kits include bottles, rubber bands, gloves, dye powder in various colors and, most importantly, instructions and patterns! You will keep your pattern guide, covered in dye and all, for years to come. Pick up a tie-dye kit at your local Walmart or crafts store and use a Walmart coupon to get it for less.

Brew It

Because, beer. Home brewing is a relatively inexpensive hobby with a tasty end product. And thanks to the hipsters, home brewing supply shops are readily available for all your beer-making needs. If you’ve never brewed your own beer before, start with a kit (Mr. Beer coupons here) and read the instructions. Seriously, no one wants skunky beer.

Once you brew your first batch of beer, usually a wheat beer, it’s time to get more adventurous. There are tons of beer-making forums online where home brewers share recipes and secrets for success. Your local brew supply storeowner is also an excellent resource. Use him or her to your advantage when considering new beer recipes/methods.

Don’t like beer? Get out. JK! How about trying winemaking this summer? Or hard cider? Note: These usually take longer to “bake” than beer. Don’t get me started on how long mead takes. Just buy it at the Ren Fest and be done with it! If you prefer to reap without the sow, pick up some wine coupons.

Binge watching Netflix is cool and all, but summer can be so much more. Challenge yourself to be more adventurous this year. Share your Summer It List in the comments!

Jessica Leone is an unapologetic word nerd, bookworm and grammar pedant. When not diligently scribbling away, she feeds her unhealthy obsessions with British monarchy memorabilia and Florida Gators football.