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Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Mother's Day | 0 comments

Thoughtful Ways to Remember Mom “Across the Miles”

Not everyone will be fortunate enough to spend Mother’s Day with mom. For those like me, who won’t be with mom in person for Mother’s Day, here are some creative, thoughtful and inexpensive ways to honor her “across the miles”.

Thoughtful Ways to Remember Mom Across the Miles

  • Film a “talk show” and interview family members as guests. The host will introduce each guest and ask them, “What’s new?”, which will allow them time to update mom or grandma on current activities/interests and then transition to talking about mom or grandma and what makes her so special. Send it to her with a headline and then tell her to tune in for a “special edition” of the news.
  • Buy a white tablecloth and fabric markers and write favorite quotes, memories and drawings for mom to enjoy on her table every day.
  • Make a personalized journal for mom from a plain small notebook. Include a photo on the cover and include quotes, pictures and memories of time spent together.
  • Select a book that mom would enjoy and buy two copies. Keep one for yourself and start a book club together. Read the book at the same time and discuss it in subsequent phone calls or emails. Include a homemade bookmark with a photo or a quote. I made bookmarks for my family as a Christmas gift this year using a photo of my parents when they were dating and a photocopy of something my dad wrote in a card before he passed away. We all treasure the bookmark and remember him through his handwriting. You can find plain bookmarks with a ribbon at Michael’s.
  • Find special photographs and turn them into note cards. This is easy to do through Vistaprint or a online photo service companies. Perhaps you can include mom’s favorite flowers or a family photograph. I made these as a gift one Christmas when my daughter was taking a photography class at school, and they came out so lovely that family members framed many of them instead of writing in them.
  • You can use Facebook pictures and make greeting cards, photo collages, photo books and calendars at the photo kiosks inside Target stores. For Instagram photos, try Pinstagram to make gifts from your photos. Check out their Tinybook; a set of 3 is just $10!
  • Buy a recordable stuffed animal at Hallmark or Amazon and record a special message for mom.
  • Find some recipes that mom would enjoy and create a recipe box with ideas for her to try.
  • Make an acrostic out of “Mother” or mom’s name, frame it and send it to her.
  • Make a memory jar or an encouragement jar and fill it with trinkets, handwritten notes, scripture, prayers and notes of appreciation. I love using mason jars for crafts like this.
  • My mom is the practical type, so I like to send her packages from CVS with some beauty products, candy, and treats to enjoy.
  • Send mom a list of movies you think she would enjoy renting and include snacks to enjoy.
  • If your mom would enjoy an e-reader or tablet, have it sent first to you and load it with her favorite books, pictures or music.

These are just a few ideas to help you honor mom across the miles. Don’t let distance hinder you from showering mom with love on her special day.

Guest blogger Lori Felix is a DealPro and founder of More With Less Today, a website helping others finds ways to cut expenses, save money and give from our surplus.

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