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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in How To, Infographics | 0 comments

Productivity Tips Inspired by the Panda

pandas btb

Consider the Panda. Serene, slow moving but highly efficient at what it does. It reminds us of a new study that claims  you can be both lazy (in the human sense) and a successful leader.

For most of us, our value at work is measured by our productivity: how much we do – and do well – in a set amount of time. Work styles aside, most of us don’t measure how productive we are; our bosses do. How do we shed our procrastinating ways? There’s plenty of help out there: office space organizers, motivational books, and apps that can do everything from set reminders to  limit our access to social media.

We’re not Pandas, of course; but we can learn from them, as this infographic shows. Tack it to your cube wall and ponder it during your lunch break.  

How do you stay productive? What we do today is what we will be tomorrow, so what we choose to do has always a critical role in our life, and affects our future. So, we can choose to give ourselves the gift of enjoying tomorrow everything we are working for, or to leave ourselves with nothing, destined to regret what we don’t feel like doing today.

See the infographic here. 

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