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Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Entertainment, Seasonal & Events | 1 comment

Top 10 Romantic Movies of All Time

romance couple

Who doesn’t love a good romance? We all need that sentimentality of “happily ever after” now and again, and what better time than now, considering Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re in the market for a good romance, check out these top 10 romantic movies of all time.

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  1. The Notebook: This was the moment we all fell in love with Ryan Gosling, swoon! Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, this is a true love story of wanting to spend your lives together and the struggle of conflicting families. I won’t spoil the end for you, if you haven’t seen it.
  2. Pretty Woman: A classic film about a sexy woman of the night that falls in love with a rich entrepreneur. He takes her off the streets, cleans her up, and shows her what true luxury and refinement is. But does he fall in love with her also?
  3. Gone With The Wind: Another classic film of love during the American Civil War featuring the beautiful Scarlett O’Hara, played by Vivien Leigh, who has everything she could ever want, except the handsome Ashley Wilkes, played by Leslie Howard. Amidst devastation in the South, you’ll just have to watch this story to find out if Scarlett’s love is unrequited or not.
  4. The Wedding Singer: A rom-com that we all need to see at some point in our lives. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are the perfect ‘80s couple. Complete with their own song, find out how this adorable couple finds their happily ever after.
  5. Dirty Dancing: We’ve all pictured ourselves being lifted in the air by Patrick Swayze at some point in our lives. Find out how he and Jennifer Grey fall in love, despite everyone around them wanting them apart, in this iconic ‘80s film.
  6. Titanic: A beautiful story of lost love but found identity in this unique story aboard the Titanic. Step back in time and experience the love between Rose and Jack!
  7. You’ve Got Mail: The ultimate story of a budding online romance! While it is wildly popular now, online dating was quite taboo when this movie came out. You’ve Got Mail features the adorable Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks amidst the success of AOL in the ‘90s.
  8. Love Actually: Talk about a British emotional roller coaster! Love Actually centers around several characters and their struggle with their current relationships. Who finds love and who doesn’t? You’ll need to watch Love Actually to find out!
  9. 10 Things I Hate About You: Get whisked back to your moody high school years in 10 Things I Hate About You. Think back to all the catastrophic times you experienced in high school that ended up not resulting in the end of the world, and actually ended up in romance.
  10. When Harry Met Sally: A classic “opposites attract” movie is a must in a top 10 list of romance films, and When Harry Met Sally is the iconic film to fit the bill. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal find love together after bonding over their differences, and it results in one of the most memorable love scenes of all time.

So there you have it! While you’re trying to decide what gift to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day, enter into Valpak’s Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes to win a dinner and a movie prize package.

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