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Posted by on May 16, 2017 in Fashion | 0 comments

Top Trends For Spring 2017 Handbags

spring 2017 handbag

Spring is here, and with that comes new trends with fashion and handbags! If you don’t know what handbags to choose from, we got you covered.

The spring and summer shows have come and gone and have shown us exactly what will be trending with handbags this season. Check out the new trending styles from fashion icons like Valentino, Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton here:

Tiny Bags and Clutches

Tiny bags are going to be a huge trend this spring! You’ll soon see a wide selection of handheld bags and clutches to store only the essentials while you’re out and about. Start condensing now, ladies!

Lipstick Cases

A big style that was all over the runway was lipstick cases. Store your favorite lip color in one of these trendy makeup holders and you’ll be the “it girl” about town. Grab a cute lipstick case with a metal strap as your only accessory or use it as a cute addition to your clutch.

Mini Robots

Chanel made a huge statement with their adorable mini robot hand bags. You can find them in a range of sizes and styles, but what’s great about them is they still hold quite a bit while also being a statement piece for your spring look.

iPhone Cases

iPhone cases are all the rage in creating a personal and unique touch to your overall look, and are now your handbag! Louis Vuitton made the iPhone case a staple look during their runway shows and you will only be seeing more and more of these pop up. Along with the mini robot handbags, these iPhone cases hold a surprising amount of essentials, such as cash and your credit cards.

Huge Bags by Balenciaga

Thankfully for all of us packrats out there, Balenciaga went against the grain with massive bags during their runway show! These suitcase-sized fashion statements are sure to both draw attention as well had hold everything you could possibly need.

Fashion is always changing and even being reborn with every year and every season. That’s what makes it so much fun. Keep in mind that trends are only highlighting creativity and innovation among the fashion icons of the world. Keep in mind to always put your own unique spin on your look to highlight your individual style and tastes. Pair high-end statement pieces with more conservatively-priced everyday looks using an Old Navy Valpak coupon to stand out while not breaking the bank.