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Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Shopping | 3 comments

Trade Cast-offs for Credit at Macy’s

Macy's By Ben Schumin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re a devoted Macy’s shopper, you’ll like this news. The company has launched a new clothing trade-in program called Clean Out Your Closet. That’s right: you can trade in your gently used clothes for Macy’s store credit in the form of gift cards.

The key? The clothes must be very, very gently worn, as in like-new condition. They also have to be under five years old; in other words, your items must be resellable.

The new program is a partnership between the retailer and ThredUp, and it works on the popular online consignment store’s four-step model.

  1. Order a Clean Out Kit and put your higher-end clothes, shoes, accessories and kids’s clothes inside.
  2. Ship the kit through FedEx or the Postal Service.
  3. ThredUp reviews your items and sends you a Macy’s gift card based on the total value of the items it accepts.
  4. Whatever isn’t accepted can be donated to charity or sent back to you. It costs $12.99 to return the clothes.

Bear in mind that ThredUp is very selective about what it accepts, and only certain brands will be considered.

The consigner engaged in a similar pilot with Target stores in Minneapolis in 2015 called The Clean Out with ThredUP + Target program.

While ThredUp customers usually receive cash for their consignments, gift cards are likely to be a popular option with Macy’s shoppers, who tend to be loyal. The store credit can be combined with the chain’s coupon codes and sales.



  1. Send me a box. I have plus size clothes mostly purchased from Macy’s and dillards.

  2. The only kicker is Thredup won’t give you a receipt for your donated items. So if you’re looking for a tax wtite off you’re not going to get one here.
    I’ve contacted the representatives at Thredup and they told me as much.

    • Thank you for the insight, Terri.

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