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Posted by on May 3, 2013 in How To | 0 comments

Using Coupons: Time Versus Money

Are you afraid using coupons takes too much time? Between finding them, cutting them out, and searching for products in the store, coupons do add a few minutes to your shopping trip. But the time is well spent, and you won’t spend as much time as you think you will.

Keeping your coupons organized helps save time at the store. Some couponers use an accordion style organizer to keep coupons organized by different categories. Others prefer a three-ring binder with baseball card or money inserts to organize by type of product. Once you find an organization system that works for you, you will save time organizing and using coupons in the long-run.

Coupons save time and money

Many blogs and websites are devoted to finding great coupons and matching them up to the current sales, so you can save a lot of time doing your own research by reading these blogs. They list the week’s current sales and match them with available coupons so you save the maximum amount of time and money. Most even give you a link directly to the coupon to print or include the name and date of the coupon insert so you can quickly find it.

Coupons are easier to find online and in print than ever before, so you won’t spend a lot of time looking for them. Entire websites are devoted to providing great resources for coupons, so you can browse and find the coupons you want to print. Then just print them out and head to the store.

Digital coupons for stores take almost no time to find and use. The savings are loaded directly to your store card, so you don’t have to print a coupon or take anything to the store. You can find these digital offers on store websites. Just link your store loyalty card to the site, and you can start saving right away.

Retailers also use smartphone apps and emails to send coupons directly to your phone. Just show your phone to the cashier to scan, and the savings comes off your total amount. You don’t even have to print the email or spend time organizing the coupon. Text coupons work similarly. You text a special code to the retailers name or number, and they send you a coupon code to use at checkout or in the store.

Using coupons doesn’t have to take a lot of time; just a few extra minutes clipping printed coupons and organizing them before heading to the store, and you may be able to save a few extra minutes in the store looking for deals. You will save a considerable amount of money using coupons compared to the time you invest, so it is time well spent.


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