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Posted by on Feb 2, 2018 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Valentine’s Day Activities to Show You Care Without Breaking the Bank

valentine's day activities

The entire world becomes frenzied as Valentine’s Day draws near. Stores stock up on boxes of chocolate, classrooms become adorned with red and pink paper decor, and people everywhere start making plans for February 14.

But, if you’re tight on finances, planning the perfect date may seem impossible as the holiday can get costly fast with showy gifts, dining out, and other anticipated activities.

However, with careful preparation and a little creativity, you can woo your romantic interest this Valentine’s Day without being a big spender. Try out one of these romantic date ideas to show the person you adore how much you really care.

Volunteer for a Local Charity You Both Love

Draw closer to a special someone by giving back to a good cause together.

Volunteering is a simple and heartfelt way for any couple to spend Valentine’s Day. With the holiday increasingly less focused on love and more on material things, charitable giving provides a refreshing opportunity to bond that’s free of charge.

Consider offering your time to a cause that matters to you both to enrich your relationship. There are plenty of local and national charities and organizations that could especially use extra support on Valentine’s Day.

Plus, charitable work makes for a low-pressure first date. So, if you’re still single, consider signing up for a free dating site early so you can find a new love interest to spend the day with.

Whether it’s a nursing home, a soup kitchen, or an animal shelter, giving back to those in need is always a meaningful Valentine’s Day activity.

Explore the Great Outdoors to Build a Connection

valentine's day activities

Stay away from generic and formulaic dates by surprising your special someone with an outdoor excursion. And the best part is that going outside allows you to spend time alone without distractions from other people and pervasive, everyday technology.

Go parasailing along a beach, kayaking down a river, or trek up on mountain at a state or national park near you for the big day.

If your date isn’t a nature lover, there are still other ways to get outside. Hang out at a local park for a game of tennis, frisbee, or catch followed by a homemade picnic on the grass. Many areas also have trails for biking and hiking that provide a great opportunity to get active without unloading serious dollars.

Have a Cozy Night In for an Unforgettable Date Night

Instead of going outside, consider staying at home for an intimate Valentine’s Day date.

Unlike a romantic outing, a night in is an ideal way to personalize your date with unique details to make it extra special.

The perks of making your house the setting for Valentine’s Day means that you can decorate it however you want. Cover your space with rose petals, candles, balloons, and handmade DIY decorations to set the mood. Just don’t forget to pick up a bouquet of flowers or an affordable gift to make your date feel loved, too.

You also don’t have to leave the house for a fancy meal together. Order a budget-friendly meal kit from HelloFresh to whip up a delectable recipe crafted by gourmet chefs that is both delicious and nutritious — and a fun activity to do together.

At home, you also have the freedom to set the pace for your date. So relax and enjoy your time together by watching a movie, singing off-key karaoke, or playing a goofy board game to cap off a delightful evening.

Celebrate with a Romantic Dinner and Show for Two

valentine's day activities

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is a night on the town for dinner and entertainment, but it often comes at a high cost.

Fortunately, you can still have that extravagant night out and stick to a budget if you plan ahead. The first step is to find a deal with a promo code at a hot new eatery for your meal.

Then, keep the romantic flame alive by continuing the night with an exciting show. Research your options in advance to score cheap tickets to a show touring nearby or for a performance at a local play house.

You can also never go wrong by going to the movie theater to catch the latest releases. Snuggle up to a silly rom-com or a dramatic blockbuster when you buy your tickets for less with a coupon before heading to the theater.

Go Big Without Spending Big Bucks on a Weekend Trip

valentine's day activities

Contrary to what you might assume, traveling can be a cheap way to mark Valentine’s Day. Travel offers a fantastic experience for celebrating and growing closer to someone you care about.

Go on a daytrip to a historic small town for some alone time at a slower pace. Or find a bargain round-trip flight and spend your Valentine’s Day taking selfies sightseeing in a vibrant city.

But if you want to make a grand gesture to the one you love, you sometimes need to go all out.

An affordable, all-inclusive cruise offers gourmet dining, exciting entertainment, and beautiful destinations for the exceptional getaway you need. Don’t forget to browse the best cruise deals and book your trip as early as possible to save on an extravagant Valentine’s Day trip.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day on the Cheap With an Affordable Date

Single or taken, Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated and cherished holidays in the world. People often seize the day to demonstrate their love through extravagant gifts, meals, and more.

While you may have a special someone in your life, you may not always have much extra cash in your account. So follow one of our romantic date ideas to show your brand-new crush or long-time significant other just how much you really care.

Because we all know Valentine’s Day is really about spending time — not dollars — connecting with the person you love.

Jena leverages her background as a writer, marketer, and designer for numerous digital publications and startups to help fellow shopaholics save money. When she’s not sharing her shopping secrets online, Jena can be found hunting quality fashion staples and eccentric accessories from top brands during seasonal sales, at outlet stores, and even local thrift stores.