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Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

Valpak x DressLands Online White Colored Skater Dress

This Valpak x DressLands Online clothing is a lovely white colored dress. It features daises that are printed all over it and the neckline of the dress is very rounded. The lining starts just at the bust section, so you can be sure that your breasts will be kept under wraps. There is a lovely mesh design all over and it adds to the sexiness of the piece. It is not your average day to day dress, more a choice that should be selected for occasions like dinners, dances, and, of course holidays abroad! Your ankles will be on full display and you will be able to showcase your legs with great pride, and embrace the summer weather. The material of the dress is very sleek and soft, so your body will not just look great, it will feel great too in this sexy dress. Go on, be a daredevil- go where you have never gone before an select a white piece of summer fashion! This Valpak x Online White Colored Skater Dress With Daisies Print/ Three Quarter Length is on sale now

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