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Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Seasonal & Events, Wedding & Bridal | 0 comments

Ways to Avoid the Wedding Budget Blues

Have a tight wedding budget that you must stick to? That doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful wedding. Here are some ways to cut costs so that you stay within budget:


Set your ceremony for during the day and you’ll get a lot more options in terms of where you can hold the ceremony. Beyond banquet halls and churches, there are public parks and beaches, many of which require only a small fee to the local government agency in charge of the location. Some provide chair rentals, while others will require you to bring your own. Getting married in a scenic location also means you’ll save on decorating costs.

For inside locations, venue options include private dining rooms of restaurants, bed and breakfasts, theaters, art galleries, museums and more. Be creative — places that don’t normally host weddings usually charge less than places regularly in demand with the wedding crowd.

If you don’t have the money for a multi-course, sit-down dinner for every guest, consider having a cocktail party reception. Set your reception to early evening and serve hors d’oeuvres. If you don’t have the money for a full bar, offer some wine or champagne and, of course, a signature cocktail.

If there’s a food truck that you and your fiance absolutely love, why not hire them to cater your wedding or even be at your wedding? Food trucks have come a long way from the roach coaches of yesteryear. They’re now known for serving some of the yummiest, freshest, most innovative foods — all for a low cost — in the country’s major cities.

One of the most expensive items that many brides buy for their weddings is the wedding dress. The key to finding a dress on a budget is to look beyond the bridal boutiques that have long been seen as the only source for dresses in the industry. Many department stores, such as Nordstroms, J. Crew, and Macy’s, now have specialty sections stocked with wedding-appropriate dresses that cost a lot less than traditional gowns. These stores have a lot of options, especially for brides looking for shorter and simpler dresses.

A towering wedding cake with intricate designs can be out of reach when on a tight wedding budget. Instead of — or in addition — to serving a small traditional wedding cake, consider ordering pies and tarts from your favorite bakery. You can also do cupcakes, which look lovely arranged on a cupcake tier and are an instant hit with children. Other small desserts, such as cake pops, macaroons, gourmet brownies and various petits fours, will look just as lovely as a traditional wedding cake when made and arranged beautifully. A dessert buffet consisting of several of these options are sure to be a hit for guests who want variety.

By being creative and open-minded, you can have a wedding that’s just as beautiful as the ones you see in the magazines. Above all, remember that the most important thing on your wedding day is not the flowers, centerpieces or cake — it’s sharing the moment with your significant other in front of your loved ones.


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