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Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in Shopping | 19 comments

What are Coupon Codes and How do They Work?

When you shop online, you may see a box to enter a promo code during checkout. Entering a code in the box helps you save money off your total order or shipping costs. If you’ve ever asked yourself what are coupon codes and how do I find one, read on to learn the answers.

Online Coupon Codes

Promotional Codes

Some retailers call them promotional codes, others call them coupon codes. They are both the same thing—a digital coupon. Instead of having a printed coupon to hand the retailer, you enter a code in a box during checkout online. It works just like a print coupon, helping you save money off your order.

Each promo code has a different value. Some are for free shipping, while others are for a percentage off your total order. A retailer can also offer a set dollar amount off if you spend a certain amount on your order.

How They Work

Just as a printed coupon has restrictions, so do promo codes. The answer to what are coupon codes restrictions is varied, just like with a printed coupon. All conditions of the coupon must be met for the shopping cart to apply your discount, so read the fine print carefully. Some codes may exclude a particular brand or will not work on sale items.

Promo codes also have expiration dates, and a retailer can limit the coupon to a certain number of uses before it expires. But do not fret, has a huge collection of promo codes you can check.

Types of Codes

Public online coupons are released to everyone, and they can be used an unlimited number of times. These codes are readily available on coupon sites all over the Internet.

Some retailers release private codes, which are given to only a certain group of people. They may be given to frequent shoppers or they may be given based on your past shopping history. These codes can only be used by people who received them and cannot be shared.

Restricted codes can only be used by the recipient. The computer recognizes your information, and it will not allow anyone else to use the coupon code.

Where to Find Codes

Many blogs and websites are devoted to helping you find coupon codes, so check these sites regularly. Stores also release codes to customers through their newsletter or email list, so sign up for lists from your favorite stores to be the first to know about valuable money savings offers.


  1. this was helpful and informitive, but where can i get a legit code.

  2. I have a question. If I print out a coupon, can I update that coupon overtime. A reusable coupon bar code?

    • hmmm….interesting idea Max – not a present time, but if that ever happens – I’ll be sure to let you know!

  3. Pls I need a coupon code to use and purchase something online,can someone help me out plssss

    • Sure, what are you looking to purchase?

  4. please i,am seriously in need of coupon code, anyone who has the idea should please send me the details.

  5. hey, can you tell me how I can get a coupon code with my site’s name?

  6. I need a coupon code

  7. Please i need a coupon code, how do i get?

  8. I didn’t realize there were so many different types available. Massive industry .

  9. i need a coupon code

  10. I still don’t know what a coupon code is and I trying to buy something but it said coupon code

  11. Please help me with coupon code to purchase goods.







    • Very good

  13. Hi,

    It’s also good to keep in mind that almost every brand share the best coupon codes, promotions and discounts on such days like New Year, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, July 4, St. Patrick day so almost all national US holidays, so if you want to buy smth. it’s a good idea to wait some of the holiday to get a huge discount.


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