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Posted by on Feb 19, 2016 in Health & Beauty | 0 comments

When It’s OK to Be Selfish


“Don’t worry, be happy!” ….Simple advice, but easier said than done.

As we get older, we learn that being happy can be more difficult than we originally anticipated. Apart from internal forces, there are many external factors that contribute to our happiness and overall well-being.

That being said, we are responsible for our own happiness. So, we need to carefully manage our life, the people in it, and the things we do on a daily basis in order to create a life that brings us harmony and happiness.

And unfortunately, this sometimes means being selfish.

Yes, I said selfish. But selfish in a good way. For example, you cannot keep toxic people in your life. You may have known someone for a long time, but if at this point they are more of a liability than an asset, it may be time to steer clear.

Here’s some more advice….

Originally published by Dumb Little Man, Tips for Life

From a young age we are being taught to be selfless. To consider the feelings of the people around us and put them before our own. Selfless people are likeable, always nice to be around and they just make our lives a little bit easier.

But are they happy?

Read the whole story here.

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