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Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Fashion | 0 comments

Where to Find Modest Activewear for Girls

modest activewear for girls

It may come as a shock to many people, but mothers of small girls won’t be surprised at all to see this blog post. Finding modest activewear¬†for girls has become an unexpected challenge for me. It started a couple of years ago when one blogger complained about Target’s shorts for girls. My oldest daughter was just a little over 2 and making her way into clothes that weren’t onesies. So this blog hit right around the same time my realization that this was a problem struck as well.

While Target did respond and make some changes, it’s still incredibly difficult to find girls’ shorts that have an inseam longer than 1.5 inches. I recently went on the hunt for age-appropriate¬†clothes for young girls and found some great stuff without spending a fortune. Here’s where I went:


I’m typically not inclined to shop at Walmart, but a friend of mine suggested I go take a look. And let me tell you, that place is the jackpot for little girls’ shorts. Admittedly, I found the toddler section to be lacking in inseam. But the actual girls section was stocked with jean shorts, athletic shorts, khakis and more. More exciting, though, was that their shorts were broken into varying lengths. You can get Shorties, Midis and Bermudas. Why the need Shorties, I don’t know. But the Midis and Bermudas are stylish and keep your little lady’s tush tucked in.

Land’s End

While it’s a little pricier than other options, Land’s End has an entire selection of skorts that are “made with cartwheel confidence.” This is a retailer that recognizes little girls are active and need clothes that they’ll love but be able to be themselves in. I applaud the fun and flowy designs and only wish there were more to choose from!


I was pleasantly surprised when I was shopping at a consignment store to find some darling shorts by a brand called Jumping Beans. Not only did the shorts have a good length of inseam, but the waist was also high enough so that my daughter didn’t look like a mini-plumber. A quick Google search led me to Kohl’s. In-store and online, these clothes are affordable, modest and durable. That pair of secondhand shorts made it through both of my daughters — an amazing task!


If all else fails, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of accomplished seamstresses out there with etsy shops. Many of them cater just to clothing for young girls and already have a selection of adorable yet modest shorts. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Send some messages to shop owners. These talented folks aim to please and often fill special requests.

It’s already hard enough trying to keep our girls young and innocent. No matter what I do, my daughters just keep growing. Soon enough, they’ll be out driving, gossiping about boys, thinking about college and planning their futures. But for now, can we please just keep their little bottoms covered?

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