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Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Grocery, Health & Beauty | 0 comments

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally


We all want pearly whites. Unfortunately, regardless of your age, they seem to lose their luster with time. But don’t worry, as with many things, there’s a home remedy for that!

In fact, it’s  as simple as eating certain foods. Yep, by increasing your intake of particular foods (five to be exact), you can actually make your teeth whiter, without expensive dental treatments. 

So, here’s to shinier, whiter teeth on budget.

Originally published by Patch

From over-the-counter strips to professional treatments at a dentist’s office, the options for achieving bright pearly whites are endless. Unfortunately, as the guidelines from Birmingham Dental Specialists teach us, each remedy has its pros and cons. Some aren’t able to whiten every single tooth, while others could result in tooth sensitivity

Check out what five food here

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