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Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in How To | 2 comments

The Top 4 Home Automation Systems

home automation-BTB

Whether you’re gone for the holidays or just for a few hours, it pays to stay connected to your home. Burglars looking for an opportunity, a forgotten oven during a marathon cooking session, or a thermostat cranked up when no one’s there:  all of these can be addressed with home automation.

Buying a system can be as easy as going to hardware store like Best Buy, or as involved as hiring a professional. Either way, you have to decide which are worth the money. Freshome explores four of the best investments.

Many home automation systems go beyond gimmicks. Here are those must-have products worth the money to keep your family safe and your home secure.

Read the full Freshome article.



  1. One of the greatest advantages of Home Automation System is that owners and users can protect from fire and break-ins. The best part is they can enjoy automation of lights, comfort, energy efficiency, security, and convenience with a remote controlled system.

  2. Thanks for posting such an amazing post. It really do half of the work of us. Smart home automation system is the most needful thing in our busy life.

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