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Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Holiday, How To | 0 comments

Wishing Everyone a Very “Green” Christmas


Holidays are a time of indulgence. We over eat, we over spend, we over drink…the list goes on and on. But why not make this year different?

In the traditional spirit of the Christmas holiday, why not give back this year? Give back by saving. Save on food, save on energy, save on money…and that list goes on and on, as well. 

The difference is that saving isn’t always a first instinct. But it can be with these quick and easy tips.

Here are some great ways to reuse, reduce and recycle this holiday season, leaving you feeling like you really gave back to the planet and to your wallet this year.

When you write up your holiday shopping list, you might consider adding one more gift recipient: the planet. Check out some easy ways to have a greener season by saving food, energy, materials and money.

Reduce Food Waste

You can reduce waste before, during and after holiday meals. The most important step for the environment and your budget is to stop wasting food. In the United States, we waste a quarter of our groceries each year—about $1,600 for a family of four. Food waste accounts for more than 23% of our methane emissions. Estimating how much food to get for the holidays can be especially hard. King County’s Food: Too Good To Waste offers the following food-saving tips:

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