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Posted by on Oct 4, 2017 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Hot for Teacher: Gifts That Make the Grade

October 5 is World Teacher’s Day, a day to celebrate and lift up the educators in your life. From lesson planning to lectures to tutoring to grading, a teacher’s job doesn’t end when the bell rings. Here are some inexpensive and thoughtful ways to show your appreciation:

Aristotle says relax

world teacher day teacher appreciation

And he was a “great” teacher, wasn’t he? Learning children is exhausting and teachers need to unwind. This could be as simple as a good book and glass of vino or a nice bubble bath. Bath and Body Works has an entire collection of aromatherapy blends with essential oils for stress relief, sleep, energy, focus, happiness and comfort. Plus, B&BW always has some sort of sale or special going on (buy 2, get 1 free, 5 for $15, etc.), making it an economical choice for teacher gifts.

Gift cards a-go-go

world teacher day 2017 teacher appreciation

Because who doesn’t love a good gift card? Today, you can get a gift card for pretty much anything: airfare, dining out, home improvements, plastic surgery, you name it. Gift cards are a great choice for teachers because they get to choose the gifts they want. Amazon has hundreds of gift cards available in increments as low as $5. 00

Consider a multi-pack, for example 4 $10 gift cards for Starbucks, to spread the love to several teachers. Amazon Prime members also receive exclusive packaging options. See more Amazon deals here.

Let’s get personal

Personalized gifts show you thought a hot minute about what to get your favorite teacher. Think about something that would fit the teacher you’re thanking. For example, a chemistry teacher might love a geeky T-shirt from BustedTees (hey, look a coupon!). Personal Creations has a section devoted to teacher gifts that mostly caters to elementary school teachers. We’re loving this door mat and these coupons, too. The more creative, the better!

Pay it forward

Consider volunteering in your kids’ classrooms or as a chaperone for a school field trip or sporting event. Teachers will appreciate the extra sets of hands and eyes and you’ll appreciate how much effort goes into a typical school day. Many companies encourage employees to volunteer by offering paid community service days. Check with your employer to see if you qualify. Also, depending on the school/situation, you may be asked to submit to a background check. This is somewhat standard when volunteering with children.

Pay it forward again

world teacher day teacher appreciation 2017

Time is precious, but money talks. Many teachers, especially elementary school teachers, dip into their own salaries to pay for school supplies and room needs. Help them out on your next shopping trip. Walmart is a great place to start with those “everyday low prices,” “rollbacks” and more deals. If you prefer to donate to specific project or cause, go to, a website where teachers crowdfund for their classrooms. You can search by topic, teacher or school. has a 96.66% rating on Charity Navigator.

BONUS: You can also create simple, fun gifts for your child’s teacher to say thanks. Check out this “Thanks for Making Me a Smartie & a Sharpie!” DIY teacher appreciation gift we made last year:

teacher appreciation gift smartie sharpie

Teachers put the fun in fundamental learning. They’re the superheroes of today who help mold our children into productive, kind and successful adults. Take a moment to say a simple “thank you” to the teachers in your life. You’ll be surprised how much it means to them.

Jessica Leone is an unapologetic word nerd, bookworm and grammar pedant. When not diligently scribbling away, she feeds her unhealthy obsessions with British monarchy memorabilia and Florida Gators football.