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23andme Coupons

If you’ve thought about engaging in DNA testing to discover your ancestry or to see which illnesses you could be predisposed to, there is no better time than now. 23andme provides two easy to use DNA test kits, one for you to discover your genetic heritage and another kit that includes both the genealogy test as well as health and wellness, carrier status and traits reports. There are no blood tests involved, you’ll just spit into the saliva collection tube and mail it to the lab using the convenient prepaid package that comes inside your kit. In about three weeks, you’ll receive an email indicating your results and reports will be ready to review, and you’ll just log in to your account to see the raw data as well as all of the reports you’ve selected to opt in to – you can even find and connect with relatives if you’ve chosen that option.

Secure Genetic Testing From 23andMe.com

Use your DNA test kit within a year, so you don’t need to worry about rushing to get it immediately completed. And if privacy and security is a concern, rest assured that they do not share your information without your consent and they do not provide information to law enforcement without a court order or subpoena. Among other protective measures to safeguard against data breaches, connections are secure and your genetic information is kept in a different database than your personal information.

Best Way to Get a 23andme Discount

Save money on kits and services with a coupon code from Valpak.com and look for a free shipping offer - either with a coupon code or as a special limited time deal on the 23 And Me website. You’ll pay less for the combined ancestry and health kit up front, otherwise you can add the health and traits reports later for a fee if you only bought the ancestry kit.

23AndMe Coupon Codes - July 2020

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