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Where can I find great kids magazines?

Highlights for children provides hours of fun, entertainment and learning for kids of all ages. The magazines, books, puzzles, arts & crafts available are reasonably priced; but more importantly, your child will enjoy mastering skills that will help them develop.

Are Highlights magazines available for children of different ages?

They are! Look for magazines suitable for babies and toddlers, up to 2 years old; toddlers and pre-schoolers, ages 2-6; and school aged kids, 6-12. And the best part is that you can switch magazines at any time, free of charge.

Are there any new Highlights magazines my child might be interested in?

Yes, be sure to take a look at High Five Bilingue magazine, where kids – and adults - can learn English and Spanish! It’s suitable for children aged 2-6, or adults just starting to learn Spanish.

Where should I look for a Highlights magazine coupon code?

Visit when you want to save money on magazines for kids, or on books and other exciting learning fun from Deals are refreshed on a regular basis, so check for new promo codes each time.

What are Highlights Hidden Pictures?

Hidden Pictures is a special collection from Highlights that includes magazines, books and activities for children ages 3 and up. Your child will have fun finding the objects concealed within other images. There are also creative pictures to browse through, as well as different coloring books, activities and a sticker book. It’s easy to pick the appropriate content based on your child’s age.

Are Highlights magazines available online?

Yes! You can purchase your child's magazine collection online as a digital subscription. You can also opt to get your subscription in both digital and print, as well as enjoy Highlights apps, clubs and other online activities that will build skills and development for children up to age 12.

Highlights Shopping and Savings Tips

Save up to 60% on group subscriptions. Teach in a classroom, run a day care or after-school care, and you're looking for quality reading material kids will enjoy? Consider a group subscription to Highlights and you can save as much as 60% off when delivered to a single address. The children will love it and the subscription won't cost a fortune.

Most Highlights apps are free. Get more out of technology and learning with any of the various Highlights mobile apps. Many of them will cost you nothing, and you'll be able to see those that do not include in-app purchases.

Sign up for Highlights email and get a surprise offer, plus a whole lot more. Subscribe to receive emails from Highlights and they’ll send you a surprise offer. You’ll also receive other cool stuff including fun games, special offers and helpful information.

Use promo codes for added savings. Browse through our offer codes for discounts on Highlights subscriptions, books, toys, entire orders and more.

Deals on You'll occasionally find specials on the home page and in the section you're interested in. Use the one that will provide the best savings.

Take advantage of free shipping deals. Because you'll be charged for delivery based on the amount of your order, reduce your out of pocket costs with a free shipping coupon code. Look to pay an even lower price when your promo code combines dollars off plus free shipping.

Look for savings on the kids book clubs. You will often discover deals on the book clubs for children. Select the Clubs link to browse - you might even find free clubs or trial periods.

Manage your account and subscriptions online. Save time renewing or managing your subscriptions, as well as your account, just by logging in at They recognize you have a busy schedule, so this makes it convenient for their customers.


Highlights makes learning fun! It offers award-winning educational magazines, books and toys for children. Keep skills sharp all year long. Enrich your kids' education and keep your budget in check when you use a Highlights coupon code at checkout.

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Subscribe to Highlights

It's easy to give this award-winning magazine every month to a child you care about, whether you're a parent, a friend or a faraway relative. Just click through and start your kid on a path to learning adventures. The Highlights website offers more than just children's magazine subscriptions. It has a variety of fun, educational materials for children up to age 12.

Save Money with

No matter what age range you're looking for, the company's exciting and colorful products will capture your child's attention. Be sure to check out Hidden Picture books and Puzzle books - always popular choices with the kids.

Hello magazine - For babies and toddlers up to age 2, this publication features lots of colorful pictures, read-aloud stories, and brain-stimulating activities.

High Five magazine - Children ages 2 to 6 will love the many games, stories and puzzles designed to develop creativity and curiosity. It makes a great birthday or holiday gift that will keep on giving with each new issue.

Highlights - This award-winning namesake publication promotes critical thinking and a love of reading through its extensive variety of stories, puzzles, games and other activities for kids ages 6 to 12.

Book clubs - Choose publications that focus on different types of skill-building such as Fun with Math and Which Way USA, as well as other exciting clubs like Puzzle Buzz, Puzzlemania, Hidden Picture, Eagle-Eye, Top Secret Adventures and Let's Play.

Smart Gifts for Kids

Find craft resources, educational toys, and activities to target specific areas of learning. Spark a child's interest in the important STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines. Boost creativity and confidence with pretend play activities, and promote critical thinking skills with clever games and challenging puzzles.

Award-winning Educational Toys

Parents trust Highlights because of its many prestigious awards over the years including the Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award, Learning Magazine's Teachers' Choice Award for the Family, and the Editor's Choice Award by Children's Technology Review. For years they've had the formula for the best toys that keep kids interested in learning.

Experience a Learning Playground

Educational challenges feel like fun when your children are using Highlights products. Give a kid the gift of curiosity and the opportunity to develop reading and math skills. Use these valuable learning resources as the new school year approaches. The products are well-priced for families on a budget, and made even more affordable with a Valpak promo code for

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