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Kobo Shopping and Savings Tips

Join the Kobo Super Points rewards program. With their basic loyalty program, you’ll earn 100 points for every $10 you spend on eMagazines and e-books - but look for bonus days where you can earn even more points. Redeem your earned points for selections available from their catalog of over one million titles. Or upgrade to VIP membership where you’ll earn double points, get an extra 10% off on titles for VIPs, and get one free eBook every year.

Promo codes can help you save at Kobo. View the promo or coupon codes available from Valpak.com to find the offer that will save you the biggest amount and click it to begin shopping.

Read free eBooks. Instead of paying for an eBook, browse the titles available for free. You’ll enjoy them even more because you didn’t have to pay to read them!

HOW TO USE Kobo Coupons

Kobo sells a broad genre of eBooks for adults, teens and children as well as eMagazines and eReaders. You'll find these products - and more - at KoboBooks.com for low prices. You also can save more money with your Valpak.com Kobo coupon code.

For GET CODE offers

  • Click GET CODE for the Kobo offer you want to redeem
  • Copy the promo code from the pop-up screen
  • Click SHOP NOW to visit Kobo
  • Add a product that qualifies for the promo code to your cart
  • During checkout, paste the promo code in the PROMO CODE box, then click APPLY
  • Your Kobo discount will now be applied

For ACTIVATE offers

  • Click ACTIVATE for the Kobo offer you want to redeem
  • Click SHOP NOW on the pop-up window to activate your savings and open the Kobo website
  • Your discount is now active, so add qualifying products to your shopping cart and your savings will automatically applied at checkout

Find Low-priced eBooks, eMagazines and eReaders at Kobo

Biography and memoir eBooks - If you enjoy reading biographies or reflective memoirs, Kobo Books provides the titles you're looking for. You'll find books by and about artists, business people, and your favorite entertainers and performing artists. Learn more when you read about popular literary figures or politicians, in addition to religious figures, sports figures, musicians, historical figures and more. With such an expansive collection to choose from, you'll want to keep reading and learning.

Comics and graphic novels - Enjoy good prices on comic books and graphic novels. From historical fiction and religious books, to contemporary women, erotica, romance, superheroes and others, there are numerous titles to choose from. Always check online for the latest and greatest selection.

Kids' and teens' literature - Excellent for both learning and entertainment, the choices in children's and teen's literature range from subjects such as creative kids, religion, family and friends, all the way to writings about a variety of sports and recreation, feelings, humor, people and places. Browse for the best fiction for young readers, or read up on information about the natural world or a new technology.

Romance - Curl up with a good romance eBook from Kobo. Select from erotic or historical themes, or opt for suspense, paranormal, science fiction and fantasy themes to immerse yourself in. There's nothing like a good romance novel once in awhile.

Nonfiction - Their collection of non-fiction books extends from computers, family and relationships, to subjects like travel, health and well being, home and garden, religion and spirituality. Learn about topics such as social and cultural studies, art and architecture, entertainment, food and drink. You'll also find informational writings on history, science and nature, and sports.

Business and finance - Get more knowledge with their selection of business and finance books. Look for an array of subjects including accounting, career planning and job hunting, entrepreneurship and small business. In addition you'll discover books on human resources and personnel management, management and leadership, personal finance, investing, marketing and sales.

Fiction and literature - Pick up the very best in fiction. Enjoy your favorite genre such as drama, young-adult fiction, horror, poetry and action/suspense literature. Browse for popular classics and humorous literature, alongside essays and letters, historical, movie and TV tie-ins, short stories and westerns.

Mystery and suspense - Thrill your imagination with a good mystery or suspense book from Kobo. Choose from an espionage or historical mystery, or maybe pick a thriller or legal read to intrigue your mind.

Science fiction and fantasy - Take a temporary trip to outer space, another dimension or a medieval castle with an eBook. Select from science fiction and fantasy themes including high-tech, horror, space opera, historical, science fiction and steampunk.

eMagazines - Read your favorite magazines on your tablet, computer or other mobile device. You'll find magazines for many interests including arts and photography, brides and weddings, cooking, entertainment and celebrities, food and wine. Look for popular automotive and lifestyle eMagazines, along with the well-known periodicals focused on family and children, sports, health and fitness, home décor and garden, fashion and style. It's easy to stay caught up on you reading when you can take it with you wherever you go.

eReaders and tablets - Kobo carries its own line of eReaders and tablets. Look for models such as the KoboMini, KoboGlo, KoboAura and KoboTouch eReaders and KoboArc series of tablets.

Kobo Books is an Endless Source of eReading Pleasure

Visit KoboBooks.com where it's easy to find the book or magazine you want for yourself and the other readers in your life. Be sure you use your Valpak Kobo promo code for extra savings at checkout.

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