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SodaStream Coupons

Can I read SodaStream reviews on their website? Yes, you can find out what other consumers think of the sparkling water makers, carbonating cylinders, flavors and accessories on each of the product pages. There is also a star rating with the reviews so you can gain insight at a glance.

Why have a home soda machine? Enjoy custom-made less sugary soft drinks flavored exactly how you like. Plus, you are being environmentally-friendly by avoiding single-use plastic bottles.

How long does the carbonating cylinder last before I need a new SodaStream CO2 refill? A cylinder will carbonate approximately 60 liters of water, but many consumers also purchase a backup cylinder so that they are never without sparkling water.

Are there different flavors I can buy? There are currently 36 SodaStream flavors, including diet varieties. Look for peach, raspberry, cola, diet strawberry watermelon, ginger ale, lemon lime, cream soda and so much more. Make your own mixes for refreshing sparkling water.

Where can I find out how to use SodaStream? Check out the Support section on for operating instructions, quick FAQs that other consumers ask, as well as to read popular articles and watch How-To Videos.

HOW TO USE SodaStream Coupons

Save money and make fresh, delicious soft drinks and mixers at home with a SodaStream system. Shop SodaStream online for soda makers, flavor mixes, bottles, and carbonators and use a coupon code to save even more on your purchase!

For GET CODE offers

  • Click GET CODE for the SodaStream offer you want to redeem
  • Copy the promo code from the pop-up screen
  • Click SHOP NOW to visit
  • Add a product that qualifies for the promo code to your cart
  • During checkout, paste the promo code in the PROMO CODE box, then click APPLY
  • Your SodaStream discount will now be applied

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  • Click ACTIVATE for the SodaStream offer you want to redeem
  • Click SHOP NOW on the pop-up window to activate your savings and open the SodaStream website
  • Your discount is now active, so add qualifying products to your shopping cart and your savings will automatically applied at checkout

SodaStream online carries:

Home Soda Makers

Easily turn your home tap water into carbonated water or soft drinks in less than thirty seconds with a SodaStream soda maker. Imagine enjoying your favorite fresh homemade soda made the way you like it -- extra fizzy, not so fizzy, or however you enjoy your soft drinks. And SodaStream is environmentally friendly with easy to clean reusable bottles, and quick cleanup of the soda maker.

Variety of Soda Mix Flavors and Syrups

SodaStream offers lots of great tasting sodamix flavors, including everyone's favorites Cola, Orange, Lemon Lime, and Root Beer. You'll find mixers in regular and diet, including Ginger Ale and Tonic. And they've also got some delicious fruit mixes like Cranberry-Raspberry, Orange Mango, and Diet Pink Grapefruit.


Reusable for up to two years, SodaStream carbonating bottles are pressure-resistant, BPA-free, PET bottles that are specially designed for their soda makers. The bottles and carafes come with a special cap that preserves fizz, so they help to keep your drinks fizzy and fresh longer than the soda you buy at the store.


Made of lightweight aluminum and available in two sizes, SodaStream carbonators are quality-made to ensure safety as well as purity. Choose the carbonator that best suits your needs - allowing you to make up to 60 or 130 liters of your favorite soft drinks.

SodaStream -- save money on soda and make it fresh yourself in less than 30 seconds!

Save money on soft drinks when you use a SodaStream system to make your favorite sodas and mixers in your very own home. With lots of delicious flavors of sodamixes, including popular name brand favorites, there are SodaStream mixes to please everyone in the family. And in addition to saving money, SodaStream systems are environmentally friendly with reusable bottles, carbonators, and quick and easy cleanup of the soda maker, carafes, and the bottles. No more running out to the store to get soda when you've run out, or paying deposits on bottles and cans -- with SodaStream, you save money and you have fresh soft drinks and mixers ready in under 30 seconds. And, you can save even more money on your SodaStream purchase when you use a promo code!

SodaStream Coupon Codes - March 2019

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