Advertising & Sales Careers

The foundation of Valpak's longevity and continued success is our phenomenal sales force. A sales career at Valpak makes you the superstar to local businesses when you create marketing programs that deliver results. You’ll be responsible for translating each business’s unique needs into an actionable direct mail and digital marketing plan to accelerate its growth. All the while, ensuring that our consumers are receiving the best offers from top local businesses.

Valpak is looking for hunters who are eager to learn and thrive on building relationships. Whether you are a veteran salesperson or looking to start your sales career from the ground floor, working at Valpak will give you the opportunity to work with all sizes and categories of business. We strive to give our salespeople the tools, training and growth opportunities they need to succeed. Many of our tenured sales leaders and franchise owners started out in sales and grew from there.

If you are looking for an opportunity to define your income and work for an industry leader that can support you every step of the way, Valpak is the place for you. But don’t take it from us; just listen to the experiences from some of our sales reps and leaders!

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"I control my success. The time and effort I put into my job is reflected in my paycheck. The harder I work, the more successful I become!" Corri Depp, Valpak of Southeast Wisconsin

"Valpak is progressive; a trailblazer in this industry that's not afraid to put its money where its mouth is." Kevin Johnson, Valpak of Los Angeles

"I love how the day-to-day can be completely different. You are not just stuck in the office all day in front of the computer. I get to talk to new business owners every day." Jenn Wisler, Valpak of Kentucky

"I love this company and know in my heart that it cares about the reps on the front lines. The support they provide us is second to none." Denise Ingertila, Valpak of Western Washington