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  • $2.99 Egg & Cheese on Bagel with Medium Coffee Bagel Bazaar

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  • 2 FREE Bagels With Purchase of 6 Bagels Bagel Bazaar

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  • 4 FREE Bagels With Purchase of 12 Bagels Bagel Bazaar

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If you're looking for fresh bagels from New York, (which is of course, where you would find the best bagel), you have two options. You can either have NY bagels shipped to you, or you can come to Bagel Bazaar in Monroe, NJ. Our bagel deli shop uses a unique, gourmet recipe that tastes like the Best New York bagels, and will definitely on the top of your list for best bagels in nj. Use this printable coupon at the Bazaar bagel deli shop on Applegarth Road to get 2 free bagels with the purchase of six. Our bagels are made fresh daily and can be ordered with your favorite bagel spread toppings, including all types of cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, jelly, etc. Coming in for lunch or dinner? Get a bagel (or sub) with meats and cheese, whatever you like we can serve you the best lunch and dinner. If you eat your meal here at Bagel Bazaar, we guarantee you will be back for more.

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About Us Making an authentic New York Bagel is an art that few have mastered. The crust must be brown and crispy, the inside soft, but never doughy or heavy., At Bagel Bazaar we have earned the reputation of baking the most sensational, mouthwatering bagels anywhere. At Bagel Bazaar we make our own sensational salads and gourmet spreads. we have designed our stores in a way that allows you to see and smell the freshness and quality of all our made from scratch products. .
Baked Goods Daily baking done on the premises, with the finest, and most fresh, products, serving you the best bagels, muffins, rolls, croissants, and danishes. We also have crumb cake and cookie varieties available for delicious desserts.
Coffee Bar Special Bagel Bazaar Blends, including our Signature Bazaar Blend, freshly ground and brewed. We have a wide variety of coffee selections from all origins, in addition to iced coffee, cappuccinos, iced coffee and hot teas.
Hot Grill Grill, Eat breakfast at Bagel Bazaar and enjoy not only bagels, but an item from our full service breakfast menu. We have everything from egg platters, to sandwiches, omelets, pancakes, french toast, and more., Available for lunch with delicious meals. Our lunch menu includes grilled chicken, cheese steaks, burgers, hot wraps, subs, gyros, and more!.
Deli We offer a full Line of superior quality Boars Head brand products. Our salads, spreads, and season soups are made fresh daily, with our own one of a kind recipes. We also have an extensive variety of deep fried favorites, and a full line of top quality ACME smoked fish products.
Catering Services Available Catering services for all of your parties and family events! Our extensive menu of catering options is sure to satisfy any need and take a load of stress off your back. For breakfast, we have bagels and spreads, continental packages, full hot buffet packages, and coffee service/beverages., For Lunch and Dinner, we have soup varieties, salad varieties, party trays, deli platters, fish platters, wrap and sub party trays, extensive hot buffet package selections.
Desserts Dessert Platters, Cookie Platters, Brownie Platters, Ruggelagh Platters, Mini Danish Platters, Fresh Fruit Platters, Fancy Pastry Platters.

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