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  • Attend a November 18th City Council Meeting at 7pm when the CATF releases a full report

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The City of Bellingham’s Climate Action Task Force was launched in September 2018 with the purpose of determining the feasibility, costs, and impacts of the City’s 100% renewable energy ambitions. A subcommit- tee of the CATF released preliminary recommendations for the building sector in June 2019, which included mandatory conversion of space and water heating systems by 2035, plus electrification of all commercial, residential, and renter occupied heating systems, and solar PV installation to cover at least 50% of the building footprint through rooftop or offsite solar.

This could cost:
$36,050 — $82,750 for a typical Bellingham home
1,100 sq ft and 50 yrs old.

For every $1,000 increase in the cost of a home, 113 local families are priced out of the market and cannot realize the American Dream of homeownership. This conversion will price 4,068 to 9,266+ households out of the Bellingham housing market (NAHB).

If newer homes convert, engineering and structural cost may decrease, but solar panel and heat pump costs increase due to larger square footage.

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