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All Natural Pain Relief Gel - NeoRelief


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  • 25% OFF INTRO PRICE NeoRelief relieves aches, pains, burns and itching

    Limit 1 bottle per coupon. Order at with Promo Code: VPINTRO25. New, Guaranteed Pain Relief. 19 Botanical, 3 Minerals, No Side-Effects, Absorbs Quickly, FDA Listed, Patent-Pending, Odor Free, Non-Greasy, 100 applications per bottle Coupon void if altered. Expires 06/08/2015.

At BioLyte Laboratories, we improve quality of life with nature-based products. We combine herbs, minerals and botanicals to create alternative medicines that help you overcome the stresses of modern living. Our goal of all our natural products is to empower nature to enhance your health and wellness.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or an exercise devotee, you play hard on the weekends, or you are an arthritis sufferer - pain happens. NeoRelief treats everything from acute sports injuries to chronic arthritis, joint, and muscle pain. It speeds healing when and where you need it most.

The proprietary formula of NeoRelief provides penetrating pain relief. The maximum strength, clear gel is fast acting and completely odor free. Its unique, non-greasy, natural formulation absorbs into the skin in seconds to provide the perfect pain relief. NeoRelief is a synergestic blend of 22 natural ingredients; 19 botanicals and 3 minerals. The airless pump bottle effectively dispenses the gel to reduce waste.

NeoRelief increases blood flow and promotes cell regeneration to reduce bruising and speed healing time – the ingredients inhibit pain sensitive neurons for fast long-acting pain relief. Many pain relieving products, such as those with menthol, camphor, and capsaicin distract the brain by creating a cooling or heating sensation. These ingredients are natural, but provide minimal relief. And they often require frequent reapplication because they do nothing to heal, they just mask pain temporarily. These ingredients can also irritate your skin causing redness and burning. And of course there’s that overwhelming unpleasant smell.

NeoRelief doesn’t just mask pain, it works to heal the source of the pain. There is no need to massage in, wrap, or apply with heat. The natural ingredients work with the body’s system to relieve pain on contact. It’s not sticky. The consistency is similar to that of hand sanitizer. Once you apply it, there is no residue or need to rinse off. NeoRelief is crystal clear in color and contains no oils – so it won’t stain clothes.

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Marketing Message A Note from the Formulator, "Much of my young adult life was spent playing sports. As a sophomore, I dislocated my knee. I spent the next year in rehab, only to dislocate it a second time. I had to deal with a series of radical knee operations , over the next several years., While I was suffering, it paled in comparison to watching my father struggle with the excruciating pain of severe chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. It became my mission to alleviate pain and suffering.".
Products Offered Directions for Use, Clean the area where you want to apply NeoRelief gel. Do not apply over the top of other topical analgesics, perfumes, lotions, etc., Press down on the top of the dispensing head for a pea-size drop. Initially, if gel does not appear, continue to press the dispensing head until gel appears (6-8 presses)., Begin with a pea-size drop of NeoRelief gel and apply directly to area of pain. Allow the gel to soak into skin. It is not necessary to rub the gel into the affected area.