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What is Cryotherapy?

There is no other therapy known to elicit such a powerful, positive, and holistic response. For three minutes your body is exposed to nitrogen vapor at temperatures up to -250°F lowering your skin surface temperature by 30-50°. Nitrogen gas enters the CryoSauna and stimulates the entire body, promoting vasoconstriction and stripping the body of toxins and lactic acid. Cryotherapy immediately improves blood circulation, delivery of oxygen and nutrients to bodily tissues, and improves the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins.


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Specialties Cryotherapy Health Benefits:, -Oxygenates the blood to flush toxins, -Alleviaties depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, and stress, -Relieves pain from joint disorders, rheumatoid diseases, and fibromyalgia, -Decreases muscle soreness, pain, swelling, and inflammation, -Facilitates faster recovery after surgery.
Specialties Cryotherapy Beauty Benefits: , -Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, -Burns between 500-800 calories over the next 24 hours, -Boosts your body's natural metabolism, -Reduces cellulite, -Improves skin conditions including psoriasis, blemishes, and acne, -Triggers collagen production and skin rejuvenation.
Specialties Cryotherapy Sports & Fitness Benefits:, -Reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain, -Enhances endorphin release and energy, -Improves muscle strength and joint function, -Increases testosterone levels in men, -Speeds up recovery after activity.

8839 Ladue Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63124-2045