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Cherry Valley Festival Days

Three Days of Music, Fun and Good Food

The Cherry Valley Festival Days Committee and town of Cherry Valley are pleased to celebrate our 28th annual Festival Days with you!

August 25. 26 and 27!

Great food, the carnival, on-site activities, and the bands are what make a great summer music festival. Valley Days has proven to be the fun-filled summer music festival your family shouldn’t miss.  Check out the events!

Friday Night Fireworks show: don't miss it!

The Nickel Scramble will be held at 7:00 pm for ages 1-12. Kids hunt for nickels in the straw. No signup or tickets are needed, but please bring a container for your nickels.

Come see the Scottish Highland Games! These are traditional Celtic games consisting of distance events, height events, Sheaf Toss and Caber Toss. This is an athletic competition pitting the athletes' strength and skills against fellow athletes. For more information please visit their website.

There is a golden skeleton key hidden somewhere in the Village of Cherry Valley. Clues as to where it might be hidden are posted periodically at events. The first post will be at the Nickel Scramble on Friday evening. The Golden Skeleton Key hunt continues all weekend. The prize is $50 cash, and there is no age limit or entry requirement. If the key is found within the first 3 clues, another key hunt will be started!

Want to bring out the creativity in your children? The Home Depot of Rockford Kids Workshop lets your child build their own wooden project. Supplies are provided, but the number of kits is limited. All that is required is a big thanks to the Home Depot of Rockford. See schedule for details.

The Cherry Pie Eating contest will challenge participants to eat a ¼ of a pie with their hands behind their back. Sign up  at 6pm on Friday in the shade tent and the event is held on Sunday at 2:00pm on the Main Stage! Check out age groups in the Cherry Valley Days booklet. Prizes WILL BE awarded.

And lets not forget the Muddy Money Mud Pit for ages 10 and up. This event features cash prizes totalling $500. Dig for money and many other prizes in the mud. Registration is limited. SO BE EARLY! Sign up will begin Friday at 6 pm inside the festival grounds at the shade tent. More details in the CV Booklet and schedule page.

And what would a summer festival be without music? Visit our web page to see all the great bands coming to this year's festival! The bands this year will provide for a great time and energetic atmosphere.

Join us for the 2017 Cherry Valley Festival Days!

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Friday, August 25, 5 pm - 12 midnight Saturday, August 26, 9 am - 12 midnight Sunday, August 27, 9 am - 6 pm

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Cherry Valley Festival Days 2017