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When it comes to chimney and masonry services, ELITE Chimney & Masonry has been the best choice in the Chicago, Illinois, area since 1998. We are a family-owned business specializing in complete full-service chimney and fireplace repair and rebuilding work. Educating and advising our customers how to properly maintain their chimneys in a safe and efficient manner is also important to us! Our elite experts can identify and document any chimney concerns that may exist and help keep your chimney up to code. Our owner started in chimney repair work at the age of 17 and has continued to work in this industry ever since. He founded the company back in 2010. Now our mission is to provide the highest-quality service possible while developing customer relationships that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s a small or large job, reach out to us today at (630) 279-7920 for a free estimate or consultation!

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Inspect and Clean: On chilly evenings, there aren't many things more relaxing than starting a toasty warm fire in your fireplace. It's the kind of thing you can easily make a habit of, but in order to do that, you need to make sure your chimney is inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Since 2010, Elite Chimney and Masonry has been serving customers throughout Chicago and its surrounding areas. We're committed to keeping your chimney system safe, clean, and functional.
Maintain and Repair: Your chimney is built from brick or stone, and while those are not substances we usually associate with breakage, sooner or later your chimney will encounter a problem. When it does, contact the professionals at Elite Chimney and Masonry. Since 2010, we've been serving clients all across the Chicago area and tackling all chimney-related issues. Keeping your chimney in good shape can be hard work.
Maintain and Repair: With more than 20 years of industry experience, we're definitely up to the challenge. If a strange odor is coming from the chimney, smoke is entering your home through the chimney, or anything else abnormal is happening, contact us immediately.
Masonry: Take a moment and look at your chimney. It's strong, secure. Since it's likely made from stone, concrete, or brick, you might think it'll stay there forever and you won't have to do much of anything. The fact is, however, nothing lasts forever. If your chimney sustains damage, you'll need to partner with the right company to restore its structural integrity .
Dampers: When it comes to chimneys, most of us understandably tend to not want to get bogged down by details. We look at the chimney as a big stone box that safely contains fire with a hole on top to let out smoke. But there's a bit more to the system than that, and one of the most important component is the dampers.
Liners and Fireboxes: There's a world of difference between a safe fire and an unsafe fire. Safe fires provide warmth, light, and a cozy atmosphere when lit in a place like your fireplace. They can be controlled and easily extinguished. Unsafe fires? We'll leave that to your imagination.
Crowns: At Elite Chimney and Masonry, we handle numerous chimney services for the Chicago area, including crown coating and custom crown concrete installation. We've been in business since 2010 and we've got more than two decades of experience, so you can feel confident that we can repair and replace them effectively.
Caps and Screens: With changing seasons and temperatures, small animals such as bats, squirrels, raccoons, and birds can be attracted to the warmth of your chimney as a place to seek shelter. Additionally, some birds love using the chimney as a place to build nests. That's a problem for two reasons. First, nests and animal debris is the most common cause of blockages within the chimney. Second, if a spark ignites the nest, it can create a chimney fire.
Gas Lines: These days, the majority of fireplaces are equipped with natural gas. If you have one, you know that the flick of a switch brings a cheerfully blazing flame to life. You also know that, unlike a traditional fireplace, you don't have to deal with embers popping out of the firebox or spend lots of time starting the fire in the first place.
Waterproofing: The average American city gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 inches of snow per year. Here in Chicago, we get a bit more with an average of 35 inches yearly. When it comes to rain, we can expect an average of 36 inches of the wet stuff.
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