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Florida Preparatory Academy is a co-ed college-preparatory school for boarding and day students in grades 5 through 12. Founded in 1961, Florida Prep is committed to uniting academic excellence and global citizenship in a school community where students of many nationalities have an opportunity to collaborate, participate and achieve, in many areas of life within a family atmosphere.

At Florida Prep, the goal is to set each student up for success. Students are exposed early to goal-setting strategies, college planning and preparation. Each student’s curriculum is constructed to provide the best possible advantage for college acceptance and future success.  Students in the middle school are able to take high school level mathematics, foreign language courses and to explore their personal interests through electives such as art and journalism. 

High school students may challenge themselves through Honors, Advanced Placement, and college dual-enrollment offerings.

Through our unique 21st Century Skills and Values Program; Character, Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit, Real-World Problem Solving, Public Speaking, Teaming and Leadership, are emphasized to equip our students for college and build foundation for success in life. Our STEAM program, along with these skills and values, create a foundation of strengths that will instill confidence and guide them to success in the 21st Century workplace.

Florida Prep students represent approximately 30 countries and while together here, they develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures.  The friendships and connections students make here prepare them to face the challenges of a global economy.

At Florida Prep, we are proud to develop students who blend academic ability, integrity and good character, along with knowledge of world cultures, into a powerful force--well prepared for future success, growth and 21st Century leadership.


Ernest Kouwen-Hoven built the main building in 1925 as his personal residence. It is Mediterranean Revival architecture with Art Deco interior. He used the mansion as his home for only one year, before selling it in 1926 to A.S. Widrig, who named the property "The Lincoln Hotel." In 1957, the Lincoln Hotel was sold to August J Rimer who renamed the hotel the Belcelona.

In 1961, educator Jonathan Dwight bought the building and founded the Florida Air Academy, patterning the school on the United States Air Force Academy. Today the school continues to be family-run, for the past 25 years by the Dwight's children. James Dwight has been the Academy President for the past 10 years.

For several decades, the former Florida Air Academy operated as a military (Air Force JROTC) boarding/prep school, placing an emphasis on discipline.

Another strong draw to Florida Air Academy was the unique opportunity for students to enroll in flight training at the Florida Institute of Technology, where they could earn their Private Pilot License and multi-engine ratings. Consequently, the school served as a springboard for future military and commercial airline pilots who went on to continue their careers at aeronautical universities and flight schools throughout the nation.

In 2015, president James Dwight announced a change to the school name. In June 2015, the school became Florida Preparatory Academy, or Florida Prep for short.

The Alumni Association remains active with the contribution of students from the former Air Force JROTC school. The Alumni Association organizes annual events during Florida Prep Academy's Homecoming celebrations and is attended by hundreds who return to the Melbourne Area for fellowship and continued support. 

The academy is accredited by AdvancedED, formally known as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Florida Council of Independent Schools.

Boys basketball Class 3A State Champions 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007. Sasha Kaun] was one of the star players at Florida Air academy during its period of State ChampionshipsBoys baseball Class 3A State Champions 1998Boys baseball Class 2A State Champions 1992–1993 seasonClass 3A State Champion, triple jump, long jump, high jumpF.A.A. has had three Olympic athletes who have won two bronze medals.

Notable alumni Prince Fielder, retired professional baseball player; attended FPA for three years Walter Hodge (2005), starting point guard for the Florida Gators;

Sasha Kaun (2004), former basketball player for the Kansas Jayhawks, played professional basketball for Cleveland Cavaliers Andy González (2001), professional baseball player Glenn Standridge (attended 1989–91), Grammy-winning multi-platinum R&B producer and audio mixing engineer.Jorge Padilla (1998), outfielder, Triple-A Buffalo. Leevan Sands, (2000), Olympic bronze medalist, Bahamas national record holder in triple jump. 


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