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  • Donate A Car 4 Causes Today Call Harold's Car Donation Service Inc 1-877-319-1561 Call now to change lives

    Personal & Caring Service for over 20 years! California Attorney General Reg # FP0002286 Coupon void if altered.

Looking to donate your old car?  Harold's Car Cars for a CAUSE.  Helping People Help Charities since 1997. 

This could answer some of your questions:We pick up the cars and handle all DMV paperwork.Towing is always free to the donor.Some cars get repaired if cost-effective to increase the selling price, not only giving the charity more money but providing a larger tax deduction to the donor as allowed by the IRS.Having worked in the car repair industry for decades gives Harold the capability to evaluate each vehicle.Many cars get detailed which involves a full cleaning inside and out which increases eye appeal and gives us higher selling prices.Some cars get sold for parts.Donor is issued a receipt for the tax deduction along with any required IRS forms.Cars can be located just about anywhere in the US.Cars can be in just about any condition.Missing title? We can handle most situations.The process is fast and easy, avoiding the hassle of selling yourself with strangers coming to your door.  Donor gets rid of a car they don’t want and gets the chance to help others because it feels good!


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