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    Member Service 877-777-2330 This Card Is Free. This Is Not Insurance. Discounts Only. Process All Claims Electronically. Patient: Simply Present This Card to Participating Pharmacy to Receive A Discount on Your Prescription. This Card May Not Be Used in Conjunction with Any Third-Party Program, Including but Not Limited to Medicare. For Additional Information Please Visit: www.Honestdiscounts.Com Or Call 877-777-2330. For Pharmacy Processing Questions Call, Help Line 877-800-7820 Coupon void if altered.

Visit https://www.honestdiscounts.com for savings up to 85% on Prescription Medications. The rising cost of healthcare is a major concern for all Americans. From employers to nonprofit organizations to each consumer, everyone acknowledges the problems created when spiraling costs force people to choose between taking care of their health or paying bills. At Honest Discounts, we recognize the need for affordable solutions to the healthcare dilemma; our solution is the Honest Discounts free Rx discount card. We also cover pets! Currently accepted at over 35,000 pharmacies across the United States. This is Not Insurance. Discount Only.

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Our Mission! We support our partners' efforts to better the lives of Americans and want to help make each community a better place to live. Our mission is to provide affordable prescription healthcare at the lowest cost possible. We believe the financial savings that cardholders achieve when they use our free Rx discount card will have a huge impact on their lives and give them access to practical, affordable healthcare solutions.
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