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Author Mark Lichterman

Explore The First Book In The Becoming Series.

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You don’t need to be a product of a Chicago neighborhood or the same era as Mitchel Lipensky, Author Mark Lichterman’s prose brilliantly walks you miles in Lipensky’s shoes in this coming-of-age story. In this first book of Lichterman’s Becoming series, you’ll learn more about the protagonist’s maturation from his humble beginning in a work-class neighborhood to an adult. As his story plays out, it’ll undoubtedly strike chords with you and reawaken memories you’ve long forgotten. 


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Mark Lichterman "As one raised in a Chicago neighborhood around the same time Lichterman grew up in his, I found this coming-of-age novel very reminiscent of my own childhood and adolescence. .
The Becoming Series The Lone Ranger and the Mountain Rescue, The Sentence, The Girl with Green Teeth.
Author Mark Lichterman



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