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Jim Davis Mayor Vote Local 

Politics Family High Point NC

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Jim is a lifelong resident of High Point and his ancestors first settled here in 1804. He and his wife of 31 years have 2 grown children and a grandchild due to be born in November. Jim is passionate about growing the economy in High Point but ensuring it is accomplished with a common sense approach, with accountability at all levels. His main objective is to enhance the lives of the citizens of High Point by ensuring that citizens are safe and prosperous in their community. You can trust Jim to put all tax paying citizens first.

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About Jim Davis Jim offers experience, leadership, accountability and vision. His strengths include:, Leadership at all levels, Spending accountabilities, Transparency in City Government, Reducing bureaucracy and regulation, Advocate for Economic Development, Pro-Development (builder and developer friendly).
About Jim Davis Experience: Currently serving on City Council- 2 consecutive terms, Leadership: Appointed Mayor in 2014 for 3 months Chairman of the Finance Committee 4 years, Vision: Build a brighter future through Economic Development, Commitment: Jim will do due diligence on every decision and provide transparency and accountability at all levels of government, Respect: Jim's door is always open to listen and discuss issues and opportunities.
Jim's Vision To be a leader that inspires the City Council and High Point citizens to take an active role in making our city the most liveable, safe and prosperous community in Norh Carolina and the United States.
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