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  • PLAN. PAY. TRACK with the new EZ FARE Transit App. It's FREE to download and no service fees. from Cincinnati Metro

    Transit App with EZFare, the new FREE app from Metro that lets you buy bus tickets and passes on your smartphone. Say goodbye to paper tickets, cash, exact change and ticket vending machines. Coupon void if altered.

PLAN. PAY. TRACK. Starting October 23, Metro is pleased to introduce our new EZ Ride Transit App with EZ Fare. the new FREE App from Metro that allows you to buy bus tickets and passes on your Smartphone. Plan your trip, pay your fare, and track your bus for METRO, TANK, and BCRTA.

Say good-bye to paper tickets. cash, exact change, and ticket vending machines.

Metro is a non-profit public service transportation that is tax-funded. We provide millions of rides throughout the Greater Cincinnati area each year. We want to make sure we provide the safest and friendliest rides for our customers. Our drivers are properly trained to operating each Metro bus.

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No More Ticket Lines... Never wait in line to buy a ticket again. With Cincy EZRide, you can buy your passes from anywhere - day or night, at home or on the way to your stop. Save time and stress and make life a little easier. .
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