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  • Cosmetic Services -SPECIAL 50% OFF BOTOX, JUVEDERM, FILLERS & COSMETIC SERVICES with Valpak coupon

    Services include: Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, Bellafill, Belotero, Radiesse, Dysport, Restylaine, & Cool Sculpting and see our other services on our website www.mirzaaesthetics.com. Call Dr. Mirza Today at 973-556-4895 With coupon only. Coupon void if altered. Expires 10/11/2020.

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50% OFF Botox, Juvederm, Fillers & Cosemtic Services with your Valpak Coupon!!

Save on your next cosmetic service with Mirza Aesthetics coupon in New Jersey. Dr. Mirza does all the injections himself.  He providse safe and affordable non-surgical treatments using the best products on the market. Call Dr. Mirza Today at 973-556-4895

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Products Available Bellafill; Belotero; Botox; Dysport; Jeuveau; Juvederm; Kybella; Latisse; Lipodissolve; Radiesse; Restylane; Revanese Versa; Sculptra; Xeomin.
Cosmetic Services Breast Services: Botox Boob Job; Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement; Strategic Breast Lift; Male Breast Reduction; Nipple Rejuvenation; Treatment for Bra Bulge, Butt Services: Strategic Butt Lift; Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift; Treatment for Saggy Butt; PDO Threads for Butt Lift; Treatment for Cellulite of the Butt, Lips: Lusty Lips; Treatment for Paper Lips; Reverse Lips; Botox for the Lips, Neck: Botox for Neck Lift; Treatment for Neck Wrinkles.
Cosmetic Services, continued General Cosmetic: Radiesse for Cellulite Reduction; Hand Filler; PRP Fillers; Strategic Wrinkle-Free Knee; Dermal Fillers For the Calves; PDO Threads Lift; Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins; Treatment for Love Handles; Botox for Calf Reduction, Eye: 11 Combo; Crocodile Filler; Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift; Treatment for Sunken Eyes; Botox for Crow's Feet; Fillers for Hollow Temples; Strategic Eyebrow Lift.
Cosmetic Services, continued Facial: Aesthetic Face Loss; Apple Lift; Facial Rejuvenation Triple Combo; Facial Slimming & Jaw Reduction; Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation; PRP Facial Rejuvenation; Solar Loss; Strategic Face Lift; Strategic Touch-Up; The Chin Drop; Treatment for Gummy Lines; Treatment for Smoker's Lines; Treatment for Tractor Forehead; Triple Combo Lift; Silhouette Instalift; Jaw Definition w/Fillers, Nose: The Bunny Filler Procedure; Nose Perfect; Strategic Nose Job; Non-Surgical Nose Job.
Cosmetic Services, continued Cosmetic Devices: Dermapen; Laser Hair Removal; Neograft Hair Restoration; Tattoo Removal; Ultherapy Skin Lifting; Fat Freezing; Laser Lipo; Photofacial; The Year-Round Tan; Vasershape; Fat Transfer; IPL Treatments; Carbon Dioxide Laser-The Phoenix; Cellulite Reduction w/a Cavitation Vacuum.
Health Services Medical: Lifestyle Screening; MRI Scanning; Vitamin Infusion & Vitamin B-12; Leeches Health Restoration; The HCG Diet; Allergy Testing, Mental Health: Idspired; Mirza Power Nap, Pain Management: Cupping-Your Personal Spa; Pain Management w/Stem Cell Therapy; Vitamin Infusion & Vitamin B-12; Mirza Power Nap; 02 Chair.