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  • Cosmetic Services -HOLIDAY SPECIAL 20% OFF ANY SERVICE

    Services include: Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, Bellafill, Belotero, Fadiesse, Dysport, Restylaine, Tanning, Tattoo Removal, Fat Freezing and see our other services on our website Call Dr. Mirza Today at 973-556-4895 With coupon only. Coupon void if altered. Expires 12/21/2019.

Save on your next cosmetic service with Mirza Aesthetics coupon in New Jersey.  Dr. Mirza does all the injections himself.  He providse safe and affordable non-surgical treatments using the best products on the market. Contact Dr. Mirza via text @ 973-493-7607.

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Products Available Bellafill; Belotero; Botox; Dysport; Jeuveau; Juvederm; Kybella; Latisse; Lipodissolve; Radiesse; Restylane; Revanese Versa; Sculptra; Xeomin.
Cosmetic Services Breast Services: Botox Boob Jog; Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement; Strategic Breast Lift; Male Breast Reduction; Nipple Rejuvenation; Treatment for Bra Bulge, Butt Services: Strategic Butt Lift; Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift; Treatment for Saggy Butt; PDO Threads for Butt Lift; Treatment for Cellulite of the Butt, Lips: Lusty Lips; Treatment for Paper Lips; Reverse Lips; Botox for the Lips, Neck: Botox for Neck Lift; Treatment for Neck Wrinkles.
Cosmetic Services, continued General Cosmetic: Radiesse for Cellulite Reduction; Hand Filler; PRP Fillers; Strategic Wrinkle-Free Knee; Dermal Fillers For the Calves; PDO Threads Lift; Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins; Treatment for Love Handles; Botox for Calf Reduction, Eye: 11 Combo; Crocodile Filler; Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift; Treatment for Sunken Eyes; Botox for Crow's Feet; Fillers for Hollow Temples; Strategic Eyebrow Lift.
Cosmetic Services, continued Facial: Aesthetic Face Loss; Apple Lift; Facial Rejuvenation Triple Combo; Facial Slimming & Jaw Reduction; Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation; PRP Facial Rejuvenation; Solar Loss; Strategic Face Lift; Strategic Touch-Up; The Chin Drop; Treatment for Gummy Lines; Treatment for Smoker's Lines; Treatment for Tractor Forehead; Triple Combo Lift; Silhouette Instalift; Jaw Definition w/Fillers, Nose: The Bunny Filler Procedure; Nose Perfect; Strategic Nose Job; Non-Surgical Nose Job.
Cosmetic Services, continued Cosmetic Devices: Dermapen; Laser Hair Removal; Neograft Hair Restoration; Tattoo Removal; Ultherapy Skin Lifting; Fat Freezing; Laser Lipo; Photofacial; The Year-Round Tan; Vasershape; Fat Transfer; IPL Treatments; Carbon Dioxide Laser-The Phoenix; Cellulite Reduction w/a Cavitation Vacuum.
Health Services Medical: Lifestyle Screening; MRI Scanning; Vitamin Infusion & Vitamin B-12; Leeches Health Restoration; The HCG Diet; Allergy Testing, Mental Health: Idspired; Mirza Power Nap, Pain Management: Cupping-Your Personal Spa; Pain Management w/Stem Cell Therapy; Vitamin Infusion & Vitamin B-12; Mirza Power Nap; 02 Chair.