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Looking for a natural pharmacy?  Niambi Wellness Natural Pharmacy offers many products.  Join our month membership for more savings.

Niambi Wellness Natural Pharmacy is the retail section of the Apothecary Research Department of Niambi Wellness Institute, LLC  It was originally started in 2010 as part of doctoral research of Dr. Anika Niambi Al-Shura during her continuous study years in China from 2004-2014.

Niambi is an ancient west African name, which means "melody" or "harmony". We conduct continuous research on our formulations to make sure ingredients are harmonized to provide the body a feeling of relief and a sense of well-being over time.

Our natural pharmacy is an important component of the Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine (ICCM) program, as it includes the remedies, food and beverages necessary to assist anyone who wants to modify their diet and lifestyle to prevent, control or eliminate cardiovascular problems.

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