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  • Oil Change Coupon - 10 Min Express Oil Change ONLY $29.99 $10 Off Regr Price $39.99

    No Hidden Oil Disposal Fee! Up to 5 qts 5W20 or 5W30 oil and filter on most vehicles. $10 OFF any other types of oil. VP10 Coupon void if altered. Expires 11/07/2016.

  • Throwback Thursday 20% OFF Fluid Exchanges

    Coolant exchange, power steering flush, brake flush, transmission fluid exchange. $20 OFF any oil change regular price and 20% OFF any Fluid exchange on Thursdays with this coupon. Most vehicles. See manager. VP10 Not valid with any other offer. Coupon void if altered. Expires 11/07/2016.

  • Throwback Thursday $20 OFF Regular Price Oil Change

    Not valid with other discounts. $20 OFF any oil change regular price and 20% OFF any Fluid exchange on Thursdays with this coupon. Most vehicles. See manager. VP10 Coupon void if altered. Expires 11/07/2016.

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When you purchase a full-service oil change from Oil Express, you can expect to be back on the road in 10 minutes or less. Your full-service oil change includes up to 5 quarts of 5w20, 5w30 or 10w30 all-season motor oil, new deluxe oil filter and chassis lubrication.

Oil Express has provided maintenance service for more than 20 million vehicles. Our experience, combined with our focus on customer service, makes us the best choice for full-service oil changes and your auto maintenance needs.

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Full Service Oil Change Our name says it all .. "Express" means we're committed to speed. Generally, you can expect our full-service oil change to take about 10 minutes. During this time, we will:, Provide up to five quarts of motor oil, Check and fill transmission fluid, Check air filter, Install a new deluxe oil filter, Check and fill the differential fluid, Check the cabin air filter, Lubricate the chassis, Check and fill the power steering fluid, Check the belts, Visually check suspension and steering linkages, Check and fill the washer solvent, Check the hoses, Check the tires to 32 psi or manufacturer - recommended pressure, Computer test battery, Reset the oil warning system, Spray lube on the driver's door and hood hinges, and the hood latch, Place a reminder sticker on the windshield for your next service date, Check the exterior lights, A store manager always provides a final inspection when we complete your service. The manager ensures we performed the work to the highest quality standards.
Fuel Injection Cleaning Dirty fuel injectors cause lost fuel economy and lost power., Our 3-step cleaning includes: fuel injector cleaner, intake valve cleaner and fuel injector air intake cleaner., Cleaning the fuel injectors will improve power, acceleration and fuel economy, all while at the same time lowering emissions.
Coolant/Antifreeze Service Coolant/Antifreeze lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point of water, which keeps your engine running at a steady temperature. Properly mixed coolant/antifreeze will also protect your engine from oxidation and corrosion. Manufacturers vary on their recommendations which can be as low as 30,000 miles but can also be as high as 100,000 miles. Please consult your owner's manual for your vehicle, looking under Severe Conditions.
Transmission and Differential Service Transmission fluid provides hydraulic pressure required for shifting, and it cools and lubricates parts. If your transmission slips or the fluid is burned, it is too late to prevent damage. Changing the fluid may not fix slipping or other symptoms. Differential fluid cools and lubricates the moving gears within your differential, also known as the "gear box." Water contamination can be a problem., Always consider your extended warranty first and your owner's manual second (the two often aren't the same) when you consider how often to service your vehicle.
Other Parts & Services Air Filters, Batteries, Cabin Filters, Engine Flushes, Exterior Lights, PCV Valves, Power Steering Flushes, Tire Rotation, Wiper Blades.