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Sealcoating: Sealcoat is a compound specially formulated to prolong the life of your asphalt. It works by adding a layer of protection on top of the asphalt to help prevent oil and environmental damage. Along with the protection aspects, sealcoat can transform your old driveway or parking lot into something that compliments the image you are looking for.
Asphalt Paving : All of our asphalt work is done to specifications agreed upon with the customer to fit their specific needs and wants. There are many ways in which asphalt can be installed, give us a call and we can get an estimator out to talk about which option is best for you.
Patching: Over time, problem areas can occur and the only option is to remove the area and put in a new layer of asphalt. Staying on top of trouble areas will save you money in the long run because it will prevent the problem areas from expanding and destroying the rest of your lot.
Brick Paving: Through the use of Brick Pavers you can make your driveway or patio stand out. They allow for a greater contrast with the surrounding area and can help give you the unique feel you are looking for.
Storm Sewer Repair: Water is a major issue when it comes to asphalt maintenance and the best option to remove water off of driveways and parking lots is through the use of a storm sewer. For storm sewers to work correctly water must be able to reach them and the foundation must be in place so water can be removed from the lot.
Custom Paintwork: At Petersen, not only do we sealcoat, but we provide custom paintwork to liven our jobs and give direction. If you are looking for paintwork to customize your asphalt or pavement, Petersen has you covered. With a team of quality workmen, Petersen can paint exceptional areas to provide users with a fun and exciting environment.

362 Industrial Rd
Crystal Lake, IL 60012-3602
(815) 455-2004